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Please, Help me lose weight?

I'm 48 yrs. old male. I've had 5 operations on my left knee do too sports. I do not have a ACL or cartlige in my knee, so most exercises are out of the question. I'm about 20 to 25 lbs. over wieght. My problem is I love to eat.

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    Weight Watchers is a wonderfull program.

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    Depending on what to eat, food shouldn't be a problem. Consult a proffessional to find out the right diet for you.

    Seeing that you can't do cardio, I suggest trying something like the AB Lounge. If you do it long enough, you should be burning some calories. I check if I'm losing calories or not by seeing how much I sweat.

    Also, as extreme as it sounds, playing on the Nintendo Wii is also a great way to exercise. There is a lot of physical movement involved if you're into video games. (Would have suggested Dance Dance Revolution, but I don't know if that would be a good idea with your knee.)

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    Then I guess you aren't ready to lose weight. Because you have to eat less. You CAN exercise. Swimming is wonderful and you can do that with no ACL. Find a rec center near you where you can swim. Or the YMCA. They're all over the place. Cheap.

    But until you are ready to do what it takes, you won't lose weight.

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    simple solution - you've identified the problem so work on that. Try eating foods that are not junk or soda. load of on healthy stuff like carrots or pretzels. you can eat - just in moderation. it's all about making better choices.

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    Eat, but eat healthy! Eat homecooked meals, lots of fresh veggies, & fruits. Portions are important too--I should take that advice. Can you walk? or treadmill? That will help.

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    I understand your situation

    Just eat less more often :)

    Should do the trick

    Hope this helps

    Sorry about your knee

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    You are a prime candidate to have a condition known as 'systemic candidiasis'. It will keep you from losing weight.

    Look it up on your browser. Not a joke. Best of luck.

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