How do I get around in Sardinia???

I am planing a holiday in Sardinia in July 2007. I have read lots of websites and reviews about Sardinia but I would be really grateful if somebody could tell me the answer to one important question:

How do I get around from one marvelous beach/place to another in Sardinia? I don't have adriving licence so I won't be able to rent a car. Are the any other options, and how viable are they?

Thank you in advance.



I am planning to fly to Alghero, but stay somewhere else, a few days in Sistino (have seen pictures of Pelosa beach) and a couple more days somewhere else alond the north-west coast.

I know there are little coves and bays in the area, but am not sure how will I get there.

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    Sardinia where?

    How long you want stay there?

    For example Cagliari is simple to visit in a bus or for a walk.

    There are so many things to visit such beaches, port, museum etc.

    You can go in any city or town using a bus but, once you are there you need to find another solution .

    If you'll choose to live in a place close to the beach you can plane to use go for a walk (a lot of people from Germany use bicycle), a place for example can be Tortoli. Here in Usa I don't see a lot of people go wor a walk, but there it's normal go for a walk.

    Taxi are very expensive.

    For Alghero the best way is go for a walk or bicycle (if you can rent one), Italian people are very friendly, maybe you can make some friend and go around with they in their car.

    Some useful information:

    Bus (to/from Alghero)

    A.R.S.T - Azienda Regionale dei Trasporti:

    Alghero, via Catalogna

    Bus Terminal

    Tel. 079. 950 179 - Free number: 800 865 042


    F.D.S. - Ferrovie della Sardegna

    Alghero, via Nuova Stazione

    Tel. 079.950 458


    Numero verde: 848-888 088


    Via Vittorio Emanuele 1

    Tel. 079. 975. 396

    RADIO TAXI: 079. 981 377

    You can find here some information about Alghero here:

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    That's tough....especially with out a car..The bus system is fairly good in the summer time because it is peak travel season. I really think the bus is your only choice. Taxi's are available also, but expensive. I lived in Lamaddalena, Sardinia for two years. They have some beautiful beaches there and the island has a public bus.

    To get there from the Olbia airport there is a bus that will take you to Palau. Hop on the ferry over to Lamadd and the bus will pick you up right off the ferry..Have a great time, I really miss Sardinia!!

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    Summer in Sardinia?

    On the Road with a bike and in a Camping for sleeping.

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    Be prepared-Sardinia is very crowded in the summer. You will be limited as to where you can go without a car, but there is bus service available. And you might cross paths with others and travel with them. It happens!

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