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Jo asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

Since the Senate will not support the war in Iraq,does this mean its almost over?

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    No i don't think so. There is still more to be done there and if Bush continues to challenge Iran then we will have ANOTHER war to worry about as well.

    I wish the war was coming to an end!

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    The war in Iraq is between the Shias and the Sunnis. If we leave, the war will escalate until it involves the entire middle east and probably the Arab and Muslim parts of Africa, not just Iraq. Even Indonesia may be affected. That's a BIG war that will involve most of the world, even if no one calls it World War 3.

    That's why we're there, trying to keep things somewhat under control until the various Muslim groups figure how to get along with each other. The war in Iraq may settle down a bit if the Shias in the north, with all the oil money, decide to share some of the nation's wealth with the Sunni tribes in the south, who have no oil. What do you think "Saddam and Sons" and their viscious following of Sunnis were doing in Baghdad, except killing off all the Shias and Kurds they could get their hands on, so they could live in lavish style on the oil money?

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    No. The senate is deciding on their support for/against the war. If they decide to stand against the war, they are saying they will only deny additional funds and troops to the region. They will not take monies from troops already stationed in the war. Who knows though. The democratic controlled senate could try and strangle the troops in Iraq and force an early withdrawal like they did in Vietnam. Watch what you wish for. Terrorists don't back down to time lines or pressure like some Americans do.

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    No, just creates a comfort for those who want to harm us. The Vote was purely symbolic and along party line. It does show those who only follow polls in an election year. The sad part, the Democrats now have the support of the insurgency and thus will embolden attacks on our troops and the US. Seems Ironic that they can sit there and vote like this and run out behind a microphone and say "But we Support the Troops"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the wars will never end until you idiots let the generals do what they need to do, stop complaining, and sit back and watch, that dosnt mean the news either, all there gonna do is complain about the wars if we pull out now iran will take iraq and itll show that terror tactics work shut up and let the generals who went to school to do this do their job not public opinion

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    No. The resolution that the Democratic-controlled Senate passed is non-binding; that means the President can wipe his butt with it for all the good it will do.

    All it does is send a message of internal conflict and weakness to our enemies, the Muslim terrorists, who will most assuredly take advantage of this.

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    If the senate will not support funding the war begins. Iran will then become the biggest benificiary. But I guess you liberals don't care.

  • yetti
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    1 decade ago

    IF they pull funding and the troops come still not over...because in five years we will be back....and then all those who don't want to finish now will be pissed and say "Why didn't that stupid Bush just finish what he started........OH YEAH WE PULLED THE PLUG AND WOULD NOT LET HIM" again the answer to your question is NO.....

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