Why are our men STILL in Iraq?

There are so many different answers. Freedom, oil, 9-11... What is the main reason??

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    Because Bush is "Still" an idiot!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because we went in to do a job and rebuild a government that in the long run will help us and we cannot just turn our backs and run. If you have been there and seen the everyday people that do want us there and see the people's lives you actually touch then you would know why we are still there and for the troops the signed a contract knowing the would end up in 1 of the 2 war zones. Don't feel for them It sucks but it was their discussion. They are highly trained and the could just as easily die here in the us as in Iraq. They are heroes and those who do not serve are cowards the would just sit on the sidelines and complain about the situations. This country was built on war so you tree hugging hippies should just sit silently by and let these men protect there country as they have for 100s of years.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We took longer in Germany and Japan after WW II, and they had nobody fighting each other or us. And while we're nation-building, we also have a 4th-generation war on our hands. Those typically last ten to thirty years, so if we can let the new Iraqi army take over we'll be done in record time. Of course, it might have been faster had we not disbanded the old Iraqi army to begin, but that's water under the bridge. People seem to think all our troops left Germany and Japan in 1945, when we actually had occupation forces in both countries and a massive rebuilding effort for years. No historical perspective.

  • 1 decade ago

    What a bunch of morons you are here. Bush's mistake? What? Oh, I forgot, he is all-powerful and made this move all by his lonesome. No, he had the approval of this nation and the majority of the House and Senate to boot! We started something, and we need to finish it. You sissy libs are probably the same people who look the other way during the commission of a crime. How about you go over their, watch the American troops leave, and then tell us how great it is to watch the slaughter that ensues. Bunch of armchair quarterbacks. Come up with a solution or shut the hell up. Accusing Bush of "making the mistake" is about as gay as a football bat.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have these arguments:

    1.- A lot of money for :

    Bush, Blair, and their partners the oil companies.

    Good business for weapons makers.

    Markets for drug traffickers.

    2.- More taxes for USA people.

    3.- A place to send the people with criminal behavior. Now 20000 more criminals are going there.

  • 1 decade ago

    oil is only a very ,very,very,very small part of it.im not going to go in depth about this because everyone has their views(most are political now). but its more the other ones than that.i served 1 year there( 1-187 infantry, 101st airborne air assault).you have to look at the whole picture of it and how the world works,then come up with your opinion.to me we are still there and should be untill iraq is a safe place.the politial side of it is lacking, not militarily.and i feel that we shouldnt leave untill iraq is safe otherwise all the guys i know that have been killed will be for nothing.and i cant bear for that to happen

    Source(s): oif vet
  • 1 decade ago

    first of all it is our men and women in Iraq, and they are still there because Bush is not ready to admit he made a mistake, this war started because if you remember his dad started this with Iraq and Jr. is finishing his dads war. He will not withdraw our troops this will become the campaign for 2008 both candidates are gonna make promises to pull the troops out. did you watch the union address last night? he said he plans on cutting government spending to recover from this deficit, you can bet the government cuts are gonna effect the common people not his war or mission to mars

  • 1 decade ago

    because the president made a mistake and lied with his intentions of going in in the first place .yes his dad started the first war but that was only because saddam went nuts and decided to invade kuwait so the americans stepped in but the difference then and now are huge...the u.n sanctionned the american and coalition entry..and it was only to push iraq back to inside its own borders...many deaths but believe me its not 3000 deaths..bush senior just like junior here wanted oild and land out of it..so at the end of the gulf war they asked kuwait for land in exchange and thanks for their support in pushing back saddam.so now over 40 to 60%of land in kuwait is american land,ameerican bases...thats what they wanted from the kuwaiti governement as a form of thanks ,moder day extornion then...now junior g.w here plans to do he same only in his case he is trapped in between a civil war many deaths no u.n help and worlwide anger he hopes to magically end the civil war,stabalize the puppet iraqi governement he created and ge5t them down the road after 2 yrs of "peace" to sign over land..but unlike daddy bush he wants oil because america is ever more dependant on foreingn oil and thats costing way too much money in imports and the economy cant handle many more yrs of it without a full blown collapse...so bush junior here will ask for land so he can set up his next target kinda have'em surrounded with iraq and kuwait as launching bases and he will ask for oil not all of it nooo he wants to look good he will leavethe poor iraqis maybe 20 percent of the top for themselves...thats the plan

    conspiracy theory?i think not

    its the truth a hard to swallow truth...now by engaging iran or bating them to engage the u.s well that will start ww3 or as i call it nuclear war 1

    all this for oil,and land...to the cost of world destruction..if the old cngress had never given him so much power well all this wouldnt be happening right now ..too much power was given to him by his fellow republicans in congress you flks have made a good choice and elected a democratic leadeership in both houses of congress well i ask you to make a even wiser choice in calling those new congessmen/senators and expressing your concerns...

    he entered the war in hopes of freeing iraq?yeah arent they free now?saddam is dead for sure why not let them be even in the midst of a civil war leave and let them be how many other countries are in a civil war now?are they involved the way they are like in iraq?no so i say again the reason here is there ...its oil oil oil and land for his next target...iran...then if he has the guts why not north korea?you never know with this man...

    Source(s): comments are welcomed ...just a taste of the truth folks..at least as i see it...my opinion only
  • beek
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    1 decade ago

    I know a few of them and they want to be there and believe they are doing a necessary duty not mainly in freeing the Iraqi people from rulers who like to boil them and there families in acid or shred them alive in shredders but by taking the war to the enemy who attacked us we are securing our own land here. They are defending our own freedom from those who have made it clear that we must be subjected to their Islamic law.

  • 1 decade ago

    Kill the ENEMIES of the US and break their stuff. That's what armies are for - not meals-on-wheels programs.

    The only way out of Iraq is through Iran.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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