Can I avoid new downloading limits on my network?

My dorm network is implementing a 7 GB download/upload limit next week. In the interest of my subscription to (watching baseball online), I am looking for a way around this.

Currently my set-up is simply that my laptop is wireless via my own, WAP-protected Netgear router, which is of course hooked into the network ethernet connection.

Any help would be appreciated. Again, I'm not looking to do illegal things. I'm just looking to have internet freedom in my dorm, which is what I did have last week and what I should have. Thanks much.

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    There are a few ways they could be implementing this. Ideally they would at the network switch monitor the traffic on ports and lock it down. An alternative would be based on MAC address.

    Your laptop should have a network socket. Once you run out of bandwidth, I would try connecting the network cable directly to your laptop (while following whatever instructions you would as a new connection). It is possible if it is MAC address based, that your network port might be locked down to a single MAC address. Depends on the amount of administrative staff they have and how determined they are.

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    This would be difficult to do if the dorm tracked the upload/download based on your IP and mac address. In that case there is nothing you can really do to get around it completely.

  • piquet
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    there's not really anything you can do, the restrictions will be put in place at the the school's gateway to the internet (server room) which is obviously out of your reach without doing things you shouldn't.

    in fairness, the students at academic institutes are notorious for being bandwidth hogs and most of it illegal traffic so the school are probably only putting it into place because they have to.

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  • Jason
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    how about taking the laptop out of your dorm and watching the baseball game from a neighboring dorms Wi/Fi .... lol

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