Help with Tax offset.?

Married 12 years ago ex husband was in military got kicked out for sexual assault of minor I told on him. He had been writting bad checks to AAfes in both of our names. Tax offset the first year then they stop after I sent proof I did not do this and I had nothing to do with it. He called before he went to Leavenworth and said I did and they never asked him to prove it. But they did not take for years. They started again last year by saying I was his spouse and we are both responsible. I find that strange since in the military the sponsor is responsible for everything. And they told me they knew from my handwritting samples that I did not do this. But after all these years they say we are both responsible. I dont understand. Especially since they released me from the debt 10 years ago and all of a sudden changed there minds and started again. How long do they have to do this? So now that I am remarried we have to file seperate taxes because I don't want him paying for this sitaution.

4 Answers

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