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My wife and best friend cheated on me,I cant live without her and kids , thinking of killing myself , any help

my wife and best friend cheated on me , we been married for 15 yrs, two kids 14 and 11,she took all my money and I cant live without them,thinking of killing myself all the time.Nowafter she is gone i realize , she was not

sexualy satisfied with me, but she never told me earlier, she has brainwashed the kids , so they hate me now.I have no one else in this world without them .my parents are no brother or sister either.I still keep thinking about my wife and boys, it is been 8 months , she is just she wants diveroce, child support , her own maintence etc.though she got about 75% of my assets. prior to this , now I have come to know she had sex with some other guys as well.and I still want to live with her, and she hates me, in the 15 yrs of my marriage I never suspected her .I still want her back in my life,as I truly love her and kids

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    You need to get help right away, you should not still want her after all she has done, you can still love her, and it will hurt but for your own self worth you have to let her go. It my seem very dim and dark now but things will get better and you will find someone else. She does not deserve your love, she did you wrong. You need to stop giving her all she wants and fight back, do not let her walk all over you, they are your kids too, and you are entitled to 1/2 of everything. Giving her everything she wants will not bring her back. Please, call a crisis hot line, or go to the doctor and get some help. She is not worth your life, and you are not alone, you have children, they do love you even if they are confused right now, they will come around, you are their father. Even if you have to force them to come around so they can see the truth do it. Trust me parents who turn their children on another parent always get it in the end. You do have worth, please hanh in there things will look up!

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