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Any good child care centers in the orlando area??

I'm looking for a good place for my 2-year -old son to go to. In the orlando area. Lots of good pre-schools are nation wide. Know of any??

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    La petite academy is a really good child care center...It is one of the top rated..I am from orlando and if I would have put my children in child care thats where it would be,but I stayed at home with them... heres a website u can visit for more information..good luck

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    I would be cautious about national franchises- they are often inconsistent with their practices and are notorious for high teacher turnover- because they do not pay their teachers well. Bright Horizons is a franchise that are usually good though. But I would look into not-for-profit schools as well. I would look for a school on which is the web page for the National Assoc. for the Education of Young Children. You can look for a school within your area that is accredited- which means the teachers and school will be held to developmentally appropriate practice. There is also a website called, Child Care Aware- ( that allows you to search for schools by zip code. Most of all I would go to the school and visit, that is the best way to see if it is a quality school.

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