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I know smoking can kill you but does it make you sick throughout the year as well?

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    Smoking is the leading cause of:

    Heart disease

    Vascular Disease (circulation)


    Blood Clots

    Yellow Teeth and finger nails!!

    Wrinkles on your face!!

    High Blood Pressure

    Bad Breath.

    And ALL, yes EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE is a year-round problem!!

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    Smoking is a LONNNGGG SLOOWW death. There is nothing fast about it.

    My Father was a smoker for 68 years, he died slowly of emphysema over about 8 to 10 years. NOT cancer! By the time he died, he was completely deaf, blind and his lungs were 90% hardened from the emphysema.

    When your lungs cannot get oxygen into the blood stream, the capillaries stop delivering blood and oxygen to all of the little areas like eyes and ears and brain.

    He was comatose from inhaling food while being fed by his nurse. He was never awake, alert or aware after that.

    The side benefit of 61 years of his smoking is that my NON-SMOKING Mother developed congestive heart failure in her late 40's or early 50's. Since their recliners sat next to each other for all of those years, he managed to kill her too.

    So if you insist on smoking or living in a house with smokers, make sure you have plenty of Health insurance. You will need it.

    My Mother was in the hospital every year at least once and my Fathers last bill during his last week of life was $66,000.00. No surgery was involved in that just hospital a care. The nursing home care then was $5000.00 a month and it is much more now. He only lived 3 months once he had to be in the nursing home.

    So please save yourself and your family and your children while you are young. STOP SMOKING NOW.

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    I've noticed that a lot of really heavy smokers, like 2 packs a day or more for what I'd estimate to be around 20 years or more, seem to be sick all the time. One person in particular I've seen on a regular basis for over a year now has never not had a cold since I first saw him. Or else he has chronic sniffles. Don't know.

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    Yes. Smoking has been known to make people more likely to contract respiratory illnesses such as colds, congestion, sinus problems, and bronchitis to name a few. The toxins in cigarettes and cigarette smoke weakens the immune system of not only the smoker but the people around the smoker.

    Source(s): Known A LOT of smokers...
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    yes, I think so . I know when I smoked I had colds all the time , rarely have one now. I know people that use to have bronchitis all the time and after they quit never have gotten it again

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    I do not think so dear. I have seen chain smokers with long life and non smokers with short life.

  • Yes it can.

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    Yes, it can.

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    you bet !!!!!!

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