pleas help my life is falling apart!?

I am really good friends with sarah krissy and bree but sarah and krissy both hate bree and are starting to hate me because i am friends with bree! how do i tell sarah and krissy that i still love them even though i love bree too (as friends) its very sad please help! i give 10 points to person with best answer!

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    The reason Sarah and Krissy are beginning to hate you because you are friends with Bree is because they are obviously young. Just explain that you are sorry that they don't get along with Bree, but she is your friend and the fact that you sometimes talk to her or hang out with her doesn't mean that you like them any less. Tell them that they are both important to you, but so is Bree and because they wouldn't like it if you told them who to be friends with and who not to be friends with, you expect them to show you that same respect. If they can't do this, then move on. They aren't very good friends and very immature.

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    Have a talk with Sarah and Chrissy, tell em you luv em and would still luv em (as friends) no matter who they chose to hang out with--so why are they hating on you for hangin with Bree?? Ask them if you all's friendship is real enough to let you kick it with Bree and still be kewl with them... If they say no then they are shallow and the friendship wasn't real to begin with...

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