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What should i do i am confused!?

I live with my baby's dad who stays with his aunt.His aunt and I don't really get along.We used to but know we don't cuz she talks to much bad stuff and lies a lot.One day she told my boyfriend that she heard me scream at my child.I didn't do that so i was really angry so i confronted her about it.She called me a dirty skank so i called her a B***** in her house.I was just sticking up for myself.Was i right or wrong and what should i do?

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    It was wrong to call her ***** since it is his family. It shows lack of respect towards his family. You should talk to your boyfriend and tell him what's up and then confront his aunt in a sincere way. You should try and rebuild the relationship with her since you live together. There's nothing like tension in a household because it can affect your kid too.

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