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Do you like pasta?

why?or why not?Is pasta italian?

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    glad you asked, i like pasta because it is easy to cook, tastes yummy, and has all different types of shapes and sizes (which affect the taste).

    i don't think anyone knows for sure who invented pasta, some say greek, romans or arabs (see link). but Italians definitely eat tons of pasta, just go to any grocery store in italy, there are at least 2 rows full of all types of pasta.

  • I eat pasta 4-5 times a week, and no one really invented pasta, every one just kind of came up with it. It would be like saying who invented bread? Every culture has just had a type of pasta way before world wide trade had started. Pasta in Italy goes way before Marco Polo

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    I like pasta because it's good. Pasta is Italian.... the idea of the noodles were bought over to Italy from China by Marco Polo.

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    Yes! I love it!. mm....Pasta is Italian but they got the idea from China! Yep I love pasta too!

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    I love pasta, but cannot eat any because I am on a diet.

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    I love pasta - it's delicious and there are so many combinations to be had, I am never bored!

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    Pasta alone is boring. It's the crap you put on it that makes it good.

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    heck yea i love pasta. its italian.

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    Oh, yeah!!!! Fettuccini with shrimp, lovely. By the way, pasta was invented by the Chinese, italians just made it famous worldwide.

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