Reformatting windows xp?

My pc has some sort of log in virus and i cant get anti virus programmes to run never lone pick it up. ( Nortons,housecall,vet,avg). So after with some issues with my tech and he tells me it needs to be reformatted but he claimed not to have my discs that i took in with the pc ....anyways i bought another xp and when i got home i discovered there were no recovery discs in it ....can i reformatt without those discs?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Put the xp disk in your computer - RESTART YOUR COMPUTER. When you are prompted select install a new copy of XP. Delete the current partition(s) and recreate new partion(s). Just follow the prompts afterwards.

  • 1 decade ago

    has your pc got a recover partion on the harddrive?

    if so then yes if not and you have bought a new winxp cd

    then you can still reformat your pc

    usually as you startup your pc if you keep pressing f8 while its starting up it comes up with some recovery options like a destructive recovery which will delete everything and reinstall your winxp

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