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job interview?

what answer do you give when they ask you a bad quality about yourself

I mean I have bad qualities but none that really have anything to do with the job like

I am footphobic

I HATE it when ppl don't use their blinkers

I speed

I am jealous of those girls on my super sweet 16 and the ppl on MTV cribs

what would you say

thank a bunch

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    The trick to this is to not make it sound like a negative thing:

    a. "I'm so detail oriented that I sometimes lose track of the time."

    b. "I'm such a good listener that everyone feels comfortable talking to me."

    c. "I often sacrifice my home life for the job."

    d. "Sometimes I push myself too hard to succeed."

    e. "I prefer to work in a group because I like to take consider others' ideas and suggestions."

    f. "I prefer to work alone or in a smaller group because I tend to be more productive without constant supervision."

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    Don't make your answer sound totally negative. As an example:

    Sometimes, I take on too many jobs in an effort to get the job done.

    Sometime, I become so detail oriented that I forget how long the original timeline for the project is, so I run over.

    Try to act professional and think of something bad about yourself in the professional area that really isn't bad, it shows you are a good worker.

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    Well, I always choose something that is work related, but has nothing to do with the job you are interviewing for. For example if you are interviewing for a data-entry job, you can say you are bad at creative/art things.

    Depending on what the person interviewing you is like you might just want to mention one of those other things you listed to make them laugh. Some employers will appreciate a good sense of humor.

    Also, if you say something work related make sure you follow it up with how you are working on improving it.

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    I woudl say nothing. It doesn't matter. If you want the job always use your assets and for your "bad" quality you can use that you are trying to get more education or something that doesn't make you look bad.

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    exactly what you did............

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