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I have to investigate the most recent news and to tell them in front of all my companions. I need tips of how!

I want to seem like the real people which give the news, can anybody please give me tips of how doing it, 'cause i dont have much experience at all in this! help!

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    The "real people who deliver the news" have a trick: They write it down before they say it, and have it on screens in front of them when they read it.

    So simply write that story out before you tell it.... yes, it really is that simple. Trust me, I did it for a living for most of the 90s.

    Source(s): Former (and still occasional) journalist
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    Most recent news about what? Perhaps this is why you are struggling. You need focus. Pick a topic -- like the war in Iraq -- and then check the most recent news on it. You can set up a Yahoo! Alert to help you track it, too, and this will make your job easier.

    Source(s): former teacher and private tutor
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