How much is fair to pay a babysitter to stay overnight with a grade school child?

This would be on a regular basis about 3 nights (schedule changes as to which nights) per week from 8pm-7am while the parent works.

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    1 decade ago
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    I used to do the same thing once a week (at my house) and got paid $40 per night. This included feeding dinner and breakfast and getting the child on the bus in the morning. If the child will be at the sitters house and they won't need to feed any meals or get the child to school, I would say around $100/wk is fair. If you expect them to come to your home, plan on paying more as this is more responsibilty for the sitter.

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    Overnight alone the whole time? that would be a completly different rate...a grade school child is quite self-sufficent so $8 dollars while awake is reasonable and $6 while sleeping especially if you allow the sitter to sleep as well. If you don't then the rates are higher bc you are expecting someone to be awake at 2 AM doing nothing. So if they are allowed to sleep I would say: 50 dollars a night and 150 a week. If you don't allow them to sleep at all, then the rate should be higher.

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    To be fair, the babysitter should get $10 (if not certified or licensed) , because caring for kids that aren't yours is quiet a hassel sometimes. I don't mean it in a wrong way. I meant it as though, the kids might not want to listen to the babysitter cause she isn't his mother or whatever. Plus, it is hard to find a babysitter to babysit overnight like that. Only a few people are willing. So, honestly you should pay the sitter enough to make her want to help care.

    If certified or licensed, pay her more, because they deserve more for having certified.

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    i'm no longer truly advantageous about that, as i have under no circumstances employed a sitter over nighttime. yet I did want to signify that if the infant doesn't sleep by ability of the nighttime, you should probably supply her a minimum of $5 more suitable in step with hour. it is arduous to be up all nighttime, and because it is no longer her toddler, she'll probably take care of to manage it a lot more suitable if there's a effective pay-off interior the properly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I know people are paid $60-$75 per night to stay those hours with an elderly person.

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    Hundred for a high schooler, more for a college student or nanny, or just get an Au Pair from another country. He/she can help with everything else in the house when you are there and generally they are willing to work for little as long as you give them some food and small wages.

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    20 per night

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    For 11 hours, I would expect around $60 a night. That is a pretty big commitment.

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    I get paid 20 bucks each time weather it is four housr or seven hours for 2 grade school kids. I'd say for an over nighter you should be geeting paid about $40 to $60, but thats just my opionion. before this ? was posted how much do you get paid?

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  • Mo
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    I always charged $5 per child per hour, but for an overnighter you may want to lower it to about $3.

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