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who has traveled to ecuador?

im from there...and i just wanted to know..who visited and what they think:?

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    I was in Ecuador 5 years ago... It was the best experience ever! I would reccomend to anybody. My aunt and uncle live in Quito, so I went to visit them, and I was there 4 months. I visited Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Santo Domingo, Portoviejo, Banos, Machala, Lago Agrio, all through the Jungle, Lago San Pablo, Bahia de Caraquez, Guaranda, Ambato and all in between. I loved the jungle, and I found quito very beuatiful. The best!

    I posted the first paragraph a while ago, and now I want to add to it.... I was not to the Galapogos, and in a way, I am glad. I learned to LOVE the real mainland ecuador for ITS diversity, its culture and its people. I learned the heart lessons of being in the midst of a different lifestyle... I value the life we live in North America, but I love the simplicity, and the happiness of Ecuador. I know it is a lifestyle with many difficulties also, and I am glad that I got to see that... it only enhanced my view of the Ecuadorian people as an enduring, endearing, and sincere people.

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    My husband and I went in December 06 from England. We flew to Quito, spent a few days exploring there - otovala market etc , went walking in Cotopaxi national park acclimatising then, with a climb to the top of Cotopaxi - what an amazing experience!!Back to Quito for a couple of days, then off to the galapagos islands - which was such a very special place.

    We had such an amazing time, felt the people were really friendly and welcoming. I felt that we only scratched the surface - we were in ecuador for 3 weeks, but there was some much more to see.

    Did feel that it would be very easy for the galapagos to be destroyed through too much tourism - it is such a difficult balance getting the economic benefit of tourism, and the effects of tourism destroying the environment . People who we spoke to seemed to be hopeful that these things and much more would be sorted by the new president and that there were controls in place to limit tourism at the moment .

    All in all, we were really touched by the magic of the people and the country and it will be a special place in our hearts. Plus we tell all our friends what a great place it is too!!

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    I went to Ecuador twice in 2006. My spouse and I are very serious bird watchers. Ecuador has more diversity of bird species per land area than any place else in the world! We spent most of our times in the Andes, where the climate is amazing. Tandayapa Valley in the north west, San Isidro and Guanco lodges in the northeast, Archidona, Rio Salanche, the incredible Tapichalaca reserve in the south were some of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life.

    My husband has been to Ecuador 13 times. Its his favorite country in the world. The people are wonderful. The food is incredible! I cant wait to come back.

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    About 800,000 people per year, mostly to see the Galapagos Islands and Quito. If you refer to well-known people some of them are Charles de Gaulle, Charles Darwin, Prince Charles, Jaques-Yves Custeau, Meg Ryan, Russel Crowe, President George Bush Sr., etc... I have too, and even settled down there in 1983! I think it's the world in a nutshell, from a geographical and social point of view, it rocks. Politics and ethics suck badly though...

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