texas department of criminal justice boot camps?

need to know better options for troubled teens going to military style boot camps

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    For teens, there isn't a whole lot more options other than the stict discipline that the boot camps can offer the. Of course, it will all depend on the teen and how they react to things, and also how the parents are after the teen is released from the boot camp system.

    Boot camps systems aren't all about yelling and doing physical training. Most places, the D.I.s act sometimes in more of a counseling way. They let the teens know that they are there for a reason, and that reason is because they have not listened to authoritive figures and broken the law, or are in danger of being someone that will end up in prison.

    The boot camps are a shock adjusting way of getting the teens to look at things. They change the way the teen lives almost the instant they are brought to the facility. They will need to adapt to having strict rules and routines, something which they obviously haven't had out in the free world.

    Another part of helping the troubled teen, is to make sure that you the parent can make rules and enforce them at home when the teen returns. That is one of the biggest factors. If the teenager returns home to the same thing of no rules or responsibility, then it won't be long till he is back in his old habits again.

    Good luck with it all. The boot camps systems are a really good thing as long as the teens do want to make a change and the parents want to be part of that change when they return home.

    Source(s): I work in corrections.
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    Your best bet would be a multisystemic or other proven therapy, carried out in your own community by real degreed therapists with a commitment on your own part.

    According to the Surgeon General, troubled teen boot camps are *not* effective in the least and will probably ultimately make the problem worse. Furthermore, abuse is rife; Google for "Martin Lee Anderson", who was brutally murdered by guards in Florida, causing that state to drastically overhaul its boot camp system and close several.

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    Have you ever seen a regimented Inmate Discipline program? It teaches manners, respect, and rules and regulations. They make think twice about committing a crime again after the physical training. Most convicted felons would love to have the oppourtunity for a 6 months second chance program.

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    30 years till he behaves or wins an attraction or (miracle of miracles) he gets pardoned by skill of the Govenor. Longer if he motives subject, especially situations a lot longer. It relies upon on the state; yet maximum inmates could desire to serve a minimum of a 0.33 of their sentence till now even being seen for parole. Then it in many situations is going till now the parole board on condition that he has been truly properly behaved.

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    have you tried your local psychologist they have what we call impact workers that can get to the root of your problem. maybe he is hanging with the wrong crowd give them some leeway don't be so strict if you keep them from doing every thing they like that is why they rebel

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