Can some one give me alist of canidates that are running for 2008 election?

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    Evan Bayh (IN Senator): Withdrew Dec. 2006; Has PAC; has Exploratory Committee.

    Joe Biden (DE Senator): Undeclared; has PAC.

    Wes Clark (former NATO commander): Undeclared; has PAC.

    Hillary Clinton (NY Senator): Has Exploratory Committee; has PAC; has Senate campaign committee.

    Tom Daschle (Former SD Senator): Undeclared; has PAC.

    Christopher Dodd (CT Senator): Announced Jan. 11; has Senate campaign committee.

    John Edwards (former NC Senator): Announced Dec. 27; has PAC.

    Russ Feingold (WI Senator): Withdrew Nov. 2006.

    Al Gore (former V.P.): Undeclared; active draft movement.

    John Kerry (MA Senator): Undeclared; has PAC; says he'll decide in Jan. 2007.

    Dennis Kucinich (OH Representative): Announced, Dec. 2006.

    Barack Obama (IL Senator): Has exploratory committee; has PAC.

    Bill Richardson (NM Governor): Has Exploratory Committee; has Gubernatorial campaign committee.

    Al Sharpton (Reverend): Declared he is considering another presidential run.

    Tom Vilsack (IA Governor): Announced & filed FEC candidacy, Nov. 2006.

    Mark Warner (VA Governor): Withdrew


    George Allen (Former Virginia Senator): lost re-election; has PAC.

    Sam Brownback (Kansas Senator): Has Exploratory Committee; has PAC.

    Jeb Bush (Governor of Florida): Undeclared.

    Bill Frist (Tennessee Senator): Withdrew Nov. 2006.

    Newt Gingrich (former Speaker of the House): Undeclared; says he will decide in June 2007.

    James Gilmore (former Governor of Virginia): Announced plans to file FEC papers.

    Rudy Giuliani (former NYC Mayor): Has Exploratory Committee.

    Chuck Hagel (Senator): Undeclared; has PAC.

    Mike Huckabee (Governor of Arkansas): Undeclared; has PAC.

    Duncan Hunter (California Representative): Filed candidacy with FEC, Oct. 2006.

    John McCain (Arizona Senator): Has Exploratory Committee.

    George Pataki (New York Governor): Undeclared; has PAC.

    Ron Paul (Texas Representative): Has Exploratory Committee.

    Mitt Romney (Massachusetts Governor): Undeclared; has PAC.

    Tommy Thompson (former Wisconsin Governor and Secretary of HHS): Has Exploratory Committee.

    Mark Sanford (South Carolina Governor): Has gubernatorial campaign committee.

    Tom Tancredo (Colorado Representative): Has Exploratory Committee; has PAC; active draft movement.

    Here you can find out all of their positions on the issue. This site can help you make a voting choice with out having to affiliate yourself to any specific party.

    Source(s): VOTE ON THE ISSUES!!!
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    Where is our next Ross Perot? We need someone that can preach "fiscal responsibility" and ACT on it. We have fixed none of the problems that Ross Perot talked about over a decade ago. We continue to creep perilously close to a national financial bankruptcy. The answer is to cut programs and raise taxes. Diets are no fun, but the nation needs to go on a financial one. We need a new Ross Perot more than ever.

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    Politics1 website has a list including minor party/independents and not just federal but state candidates as well. Although it's run by a communist it's pretty comprehensive.

    However, out of all the candidates there is only one that fully supports the Constitution that they all swore to uphold and defend and who is telling the American people the truth regardless of party politics or prevailing political winds. That is Congressman Ron Paul.

    He is the only candidate with the spine to stand up to the owners of the Federal Reserve and let the American people know they are being duped by this privately owned corporation. President Kennedy tried to do something similiar before a bullet incidentally entered his skull in Dealey Plaza. Since then, nearly all major Presidential candidates have kept quiet on this issue.

    After years of so-called conspiracy theorists (I refer to myself as a conspiracy factualist) trying to inform the American people of these facts, as Milton Friedman tried doing, current Fed Chairman Bernanke admitted at Friedman's 90th birthday bash that the owners of the Federal Reserve had intentionally crashed the American economy in 1929 both precipitating and perpetuating the Great Depression. Wonder why this failed to make the news? Could it be that the same people who own the Federal Reserve also control mainstream media by owning the majority shares of stock in those corporations?

    Wonder who passed the legislation through Congress allowing this one privately owned corporation to dominate American monetary and economic policy? The owners of the Federal Reserve don't care who's in power just so long as whoever is in power is compliant to their wishes.

    Now that you have a glimpse of the truth what are you going to do about it? Will you do nothing and continue to let a few dominant people control your economic future and continue to destroy America? Will you copy this and pass it along to inform your fellow Americans? Will you seek out candidates for public office, like Congressman Ron Paul, who have the spine to stand up to this nonsense? Will you publicly support a call to abolish the Federal Reserve?

    In 1900, before the Fed came into existence the average American paid about 5% of their earnings (combined - local, state, and federal) to support government (taxation) and long term public debt was essentially non-existent. Just 100 years later the combined tax burden was up to 33% and public debt is out of control because of the fiscal policies of politicians who have been subserviant to the demands of the owners of the Federal Reserve.

    Americans are like the frog in the saucepan on top of the stove. We are being cooked to death so slowly most of us fail to realize it.

    Source(s): Owen-Glass Act, 1913. The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins. The Tax Foundation (website)
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  • There's no way to know yet. The primaries are still a year away.

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    the first person who answered gave wrong/old information, half of those people that she listed are not running. they have expicitly expressed the desire NOT to run

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