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where is mahatriphala ghrit availaible,its a kind of ghee?


what is the cost of it at the shop

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    Basicall an Ayurvedic medicine....Baidyanath Ghritas are ghritas made with combination of medicinal herbs or extracts with ghritas as a base, prepared strictly according to ayurvedic system of medicine, these cure diseases and give strength and vigour to the body. They are taken by mixing with hot milk or as directed by physician. The dose of ghritas should be determined according digestive power of the patient.

    Medicated Ghritas are also used as an external application. They are meant to serve to purpose of preventing purification and activate in healing of ulcers and wounds. The act as an emollient.

    Active Ingredients:




    satavar,Goat milk etc

    Should be available at any Ayurvedic Medicine Shop.


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    Please give more details to get proper answers.

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