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Somebody Farted...?

Anyone remember that song? Any special memories attached to that song? Who is the singer anyway?

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    "Somebody Farted" by Bobby Jimmy & The Critters

    CHORUS: Somebody farted! Uh-oh-a-oh, uh-oh-a-oh! x2

    1: Somebody farted- standin in the welfare line! Not sure whose behind-it wasn't mine!

    Like the Red Sea- the line just parted, 'cuz some masty sucker KNEW he just had afrted!

    The dance floor jumpin, & the place is packed! Somebody ripped one off, everyone moved back!

    Ppl pointin fingers- greabbed my girl, & we departed, 'cuz some nasty sucker on the floor just farted!


    2: It's a crowded elevator, want to get off fast. Bing-bang-boom sound, like a machine gun blast!

    Ppl started screamin- now, everybody pause. Whoever passed that off better check them dirty drawers!

    Went to see the Hammer, live onstage! Above the bass, a fart sounded like a 12-Gauge!

    The fart was bad- singed my girlfriend's big weave. Grabbed her by the hair, said"Girl, we gotta leave!"


    3: At the dinner table, won't believe what's happ'nin'! Somebody passed off a wet booty a-slappin'!

    The food was bad & a fart made no improvement. Told the waiter to check himself for a bowel movement!

    Cruisin' in my car, down the street- my girl, she said "Excuse me." and she FARTED TO THE BEAT!

    I couldn't believe it- my girl is too sweet! She did it again, ripped a hole in my seat!

    CHORUS 2: My girl, she farted! Uh-oh-a-oh, uh-oh-a-oh! x2

    (There's some miscellaneous stuff said, like "Whatcha mean, you're stuck toi the seat?" and "You red bean eatin', fartin' woman, agh..get out my car!")

    What a stinky song!

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  • mobus
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    3 years ago

    Somebody Farted Song

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  • 4 years ago

    It happened to me once and I burst out laughing and the congregation followed. The priest had to stop the sermon cause he also couldn't contain his laughter. When he finally could utter something ....he murmured the word blasphemy and the laughter started all over again

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Whoever smelled it dealt it.

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