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why the heck do people still call kobe a ball hog ?!?!?!?

ill admit it kobe was a ball hog his first couple seasons. but now he averages more assits and takes less shots. he puts more trust in his teamates. i mean look luke gets the ball when they need a point against the warroirs. sasha gets the game winning three instead of kobe agaisnt the mavs. because of him putting more trust in his teamates the lakers are in the 4th seed in the west. (coarse that could change cuz its really close but still) i mean just cuz he made some mistakes and WAS a ball hog people that arents lakers fan automatically hate him. people who call him a ball hog don't watch any of his games. so y do u people label him a ball hog?

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    People who use the 81 point game as an example need to know one thing. The Raptors went into that game with the defensive strategy of letting Kobe get his and keeping the rest of the team from scoring. Toronto basically gave Kobe free reign to score on them, which he did, not thinking that he would almost single-handedly win that game, shooting for a good percentage from the field and at the free throw line. In hindsight, Toronto made a bad defensive decision.

    Anyway, looking at his assist per game averages for the past few seasons:

    2006-07 - 5.5

    2005-06 - 4.5

    2004-05 - 6.0

    2003-04 - 5.1

    2002-03 - 5.9

    Very respectable assist numbers for a 2 guard. His worst assist numbers were in his first 2 seasons, which is when the ball-hag rep got started. In his third season his assist per game jumped from 3.1 to 5.3, and have stayed at that or above for his career.

    If you only look at the highlights on SportsCenter, you'll think he's a ballhog, cuz unless it's Nash or Kidd, they don't show the cool assist highlight, just the cool scoring highlight. If you watch the games, you'll see different.

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    Easy, cuz they are. 2005-2006 Kobe Bryant 2173 FG attempted, more than 27 a game, 2nd on the Lakers, Odom at 925, about 11 a game. Kobe took more than double the shots of the next closest. In fact, in the ENTIRE NBA, no one shot more than Kobe. LeBron was #2 with 1823 then Iverson at 1822. After the big 3 ball hogs, Arenas only took 1668 shots. Furthermore, in FT attempts, the top 3 are AI, Kobe, and LeBron, and since when you're fouled its not a FG attempt, those numbers would actually be skewed even more if you actually could figure out how many shots they really took, fouled or not. So, to answer your question, we call Iverson and Kobe ball hogs because they are. No one shoots more, and passing the ball 5 times in a game doesn't make you a passter, it means you passed to the right guy who scored.

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    ok first i'ma adress the guy that said ANYONE could score 81 points......

    go to that site and watch the 81 in 3 minutes....

    kobe was 28-46 (thats 60%)

    he was 7-13 from the 3 point line

    and he was 18 for 20 from the free throw line

    not to mention that he made almost ALL his shots in the second half...

    he had 55 points in the second half... and 20 points in the last 6 minutes of the game.....

    if you dont think this is incredible you are either extremely stupid or extremely pregidous....

    oh and I agree with you absolutely... kobe is no longer a ball hog and I dont think he ever was a big of a ball hog as a lot of people made him out to be...

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    Kobe was never a ball hog, and if you call him a ball hog you would have to call Jordan one also. Look at the stats the year before last when he averaged less then 30ppg and they didn't make the playoffs, and 1 year later he averaged 35.4ppg and they did make the playoffs so what does that tell you?

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    Because people can't seem to find a good enough excue to keep hating him. Tha majority of people that say this haven't even watched a laker game this season.

    And I'm sick of people talking about the 81 pts. Didn't Mj score 69? Didn't Wilt score 100? Didn't AI score 60. Didn't Tmac score 62? That's what I thought

    Source(s): "kobe-hating is like a cigarette, once you start it, there's no way to stop it. It's an addiction." and can't nobody cop that thats my quote I published it at!!!
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    Wow, I see a bunch of haters on Yahoo Answers

    I'm not even a Laker fan and I can clearly see that Kobe's not a ballhog. I've seen Laker games and he averages about 5-6 assists per game.

    And about the "rape" case, it was dismissed cuz the girl knew she couldn't get away with lying

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    all those labelers are a bunch of losers that obviously havent watched any laker games and have no basketball iq whatsoever. it is obvious; kobe does not attack until the 4th quarter when his teammates need him. he should actually be more selfish the way his teammates are playing this season. the reason the lakers lose is because his mates can't make their open shots he gives them!

    Phoenix is just like the lakers except they make all of their open shots

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    If Kobe shoots too much he is called a ball hog,if he doesn't shoot enough the experts say he's sabotaging the team.I give him credit for what he is ,the best player in the NBA.By the way the woman who accused him of rape wasn't just sniffing his wallet was she?!

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    Because this is the first season that he has become a distributor,taking on this new role.Every other season,he has demanded the ball every single time,and has taken most of the shots.

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    just like you said, they probably arent lakers fans and automatically hate him. He's gotten alot better this season when it comes to sharing the ball.

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