Did Islam destroy Lebanon?

Lebanese Bridgette Gabriel leaves no doubt about the question. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8fa9yKQeTY

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Lebanon, before it became predominately Muslim, was the epicenter of the middle east. Once Muslims became the majority, that all ended.

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  • webby
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    1 decade ago
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    It's not as simple as that. As a Lebanese christian allow me to put my 5 cents worth.

    Islam didn't destroy Lebanon,

    Lebanon would have been ok if it wasn't for foreign intereferences.

    USA, Israel, the Palestinians, Syria, Iran all want a piece of tiny us, all have an agenda and have our future all planned for us.

    The US wants desperatly a success story in the middle east to redeem the iraq fiasco, ( regardless of what we call success)

    so Mr Bush didn't hesitate to order the systematic destruction of lebanon in July.

    Israel still hasn't recovered from the holocaust and hasn't learnt that violence breeds violence and is still bullying its way around the middle east.

    The palestinians refuges in Lebanon are people with no land, no prospect of going back to palestine living in atrocious living conditions.so not much to loose.

    Syria simply wants to realize a centuries old dream of swallowing us

    Iran wouldn't mind another Shiite State and is playing the lebanese Shia ( Hezbollah) against the rest. which has divided islam in 2: Sunni ( moderate) and Shia ( extremists)

    So the danger is not really Islam, it is a combination of all these countries who find it convenient to fight their battles on our land.

    plus a group of Islam fanatics who have decided that they are the super human race and we all should be exterminated.

    This cocktail is on a small weak land, emerging from a 30 years civil war, not much resources, with 18 different religions co-existing and every group is too small to survive so has no choice but to seek outside support = you draw your own conclusion.

  • Shossi
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    1 decade ago

    Lebanon has a system of government that gives 1/2 of the seats of Parliament to the Christians and !/2 to the Muslims----very fair.

    But, the Shia Muslims, who are supporting Hezbollah, were not willing to work with their 50% Muslim part of the government. So, they have broken away, giving the Muslims no equal share, and they want to control the government.

    If Hezbollah, with the help of Syria and Iran, would stay out of the government, Lebanon would have a stable government.

    No, it is not Islam that is is causing the problem-it is the Shia and Hezbollah. The Sunni still remain within the government framework.

    And, I do believe that Lebanon is about 50-50 on the number of Christians and Muslims.

  • Temsah
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    1 decade ago

    I watched the video and another video of the lady and I am surprised

    since she is doing comparisons for the number of Palestinians killed by Israel and Jordan why did not she compare the number of Christians killed, in the civil war there, by Christians and by non Christians to discover that the former number is much higher.

    Correct me if I am wrong but the Sunni Muslims Lebanese never took part in that civil war, the Shiat joined the war at the end to elevate their own suffering.

    The war started between the Christian Maronite and the Druze supported by the Palestinians, who are Sunni by the way.

    The war started when the Maronite killed 14 Palestinians for no apparent reason except that they are Palestinians.

    As for her thanks of Israel, I have to say two things

    1- Her view is not shared by all Maronite Christians in Lebanon

    2- this is the result of the historic error by Salah Eldeen who did not destroy their kingdom after liberating Jerusalem.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As a Latin Catholic I take offense with the comments she has made as well as others on this board against Shiites and Muslims inside Lebanon all together. The person who posted that video on youtube.com is a Maronite Catholic. They are in Communion with the Latin (Roman) Catholic Church, but they are different. Please, do not believe propaganda many of these ultra-Maronites state.

    They started a civil war against Muslims, specifically Sunnis at first. When the war got out of hand the Syrians intervened to protect the Christians. Unhappy with that outcome, the Maronites continued on and worked with the Israelis in an attempted to Crush Muslims and non-Maronite Christian groups in Lebanon. During this war Muslims fought Muslims, Christians fought Christians and Muslims and Christians fought each other.

    After bombing Saydet Al-Najet church in an attempted to keep the Holy Roman Pope's mission to form a peace in Lebanon, the Maronites continued on.

    Finally, after the US president cut and run in Lebanon, the Maronites, Sunnis, Druze, and Shias decided the war came down to a tie. Syria and the UN administered Ta'if agreement.

    This agreement at the time seemed like a cure all to their problems. Equal sharing between Muslims and Christians. But, the document has become dated. Thousands of Maronites, who are the largest Christian sect in Lebanon, fled and never returned shortly after the war. That mixed with the fact that Shia's are having over 4 children -per family, while Sunnis and Druze are having roughly 3 and Christians barely 2 and now we have a nation where Shias make up roughly 40 percent of the population, Sunnis over a quarter, Maronites roughly 20-25 percent, other Christians (Catholics, Melkites, Assyrians, Copts, Protestants - many of which side with Hizbollah and the Shias since the Maronites battled minority Christian groups during the 75-90 civil war) make up the remainder.

    So not only did Maronite Christians destroy Lebanon, they now have an unequal amount of power in government. That is why Hizbollah, Shias and minority Christians are in the streets protesting that Hizbollah get a fair"er" share in the cabinet.

    Do not believe the anti-shia and anti-Muslim rhetoric the US government, Israel and Maronites are spewing in Lebanon.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What about Israel? I think Lebanon would still be the "Switzerland of the Middle-East" and more, if it wasn't for the Terrorist Nation of Israel.

    You need to get a deeper picture of things. You are too shallow in your thought, and easily swayed by the biased-written history that has been documented by the agenda-minded Zionists and the sympathetic West.

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    You can make the same argument that every nation the caucasion (in their explorer days) came in contact with they colonized and destroyed.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can say not islam but the shittes in Lebanon did and still trying to destroy Lebanon as they are not like other who like peace.

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    No. The Zionist terrorists did. The 3 answerers above me are so right!

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    It was a great country when Osama went to college there.


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