Good Valentine's Day present?

Valentine's Day is coming soon, and I need something good to get for my girlfriend. I just bought her a life size Teddy Bear, so those are basically out of the question. Her birthday is also on January 27th so I have to get her something for that too. What is a good gift, one for each day, or combined, that is in my price range? Try to keep it under $100, I'm low on money right now.

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    1) Flowers or Living Plants

    Flowers as the language of love started back in the 1600's. They are still a powerful communication tool today.

    2) Candles

    Candles usually signify romance. Buy several!

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    3) Godiva Chocolate

    Named after a "sympathetic wife, a lovely Saxon named Lady Godiva", these chocolates are considered by many to be the world's most elegant, hand-crafted chocolates.

    4) Sexy Lingerie

    Make sure that this is something your spouse would truly enjoy before purchasing it. You could be communicating just the opposite of your intentions.

    5) The Tingler

    No, this isn't a Medieval torture device. This copper massager will create good energy by gently massage your spouse's scalp by touching acupressure points and giving a great deal of delight. It doesn't require batteries and isn't complicated to use. We have one and love it!

    6) Jewelry

    Do some research first to discover the type of jewelry your spouse wears so this trinket won't end up hidden away in the jewelry box.

    7) Body Pillow

    Helps your spouse sleep like a baby. Provides extra support.

    8) Fragrance Gifts

    Bath salts, bubble bath, perfume, cologne, skin creams, soaps, after shower rinses, and more. Make sure you know the type of fragrance that your mate loves.

    9) Romantic Music

    Find your romantic special song, and play it as you take a romantic drive.

    10) Gift Certificates

    Use online gift certificates only if it is the very last minute and you are desperate! Better yet, make up your own certificate/coupon for a short trip out of town together, or for a picnic or dinner and a movie out, or for a massage. Be creative.

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    Valentine's Day, One Red Rose and a small box of very good quality chocolates and lavish her with loving attention. I am sure you do this now anyway.

    Birthday, a nice simple piece of jewllery such as her birthstone set in a gold or silver heart on a chain. You can work out what she favours most in the way of jewellery by looking at what she wears gold/silver, large/small. Bracelets in preference to necklace etc.

    In all honesty it really is the thought that you put into what you choose that will impress her.

    Why not go to a secondhand shop and look for a classic setting in a ring, necklace etc., quite often you can find a really good piece for a fraction of the cost.

    Enjoy these two special days/nights most of all.

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    For $100 you can do the basic card and flowers thing easily. I've learned from experience that those two things will make your V-Day special. If you did that last year, then change it up a bit. Instead of handing her the flowers, send them to her at work on the day before V-Day. She won't be expecting it, and she'll have flowers on her desk or by her before anyone else.

    I've also learned that girls appreciate the thought over the substance. Take the time to make her a card....yes you can use the computer.

    Dinner is also a good thing.

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    On her birthday take her oy=ut to dinner and then give her some choclates that sholdbe under 50 dollars unless she eats a lot

    For valentines day give her a huge teddy bear with a dozen choclates

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    What about a romantic birthday dinner (cooked by you) and then on Valentines get her some roses.

    Here is some info on roses and their color combinations.

    "Red and White Roses together symbolize unity. Red, white and pink are significant of the Holy Trinity. When red and white are combined with ivy, eternal unity. Traditionally one single rose symbolizes love and simplicity. Two symbolize an engagement and a bouquet of 3 is a "sweetheart" or "I Love You" bouquet. Six or seven, depending on the belief and country, mean I adore you. One dozen meaning true love"

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    i say, give her your love and affection, but then again, people say thats not enough (though i beg to disagree). Buy her a dozen roses. Dont go for the chocolates coz not all women like sweets. Kiss her when you give the flowers, thats supposed to make the gift much more valuable. Or you could just agive her a ring. Have fun on valentines!

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    well since i am a girl i know a little bit about how girls unless your girlfriend is a shallow jerk who only cares about money then she would appreciate anything that came from long as you put time and effort into it. Think about her what is your first thought that pops into your mind? (hopefully its something good) incorporate something like that like lets say you think "sweet" get her, her fav. think about something you know she would bye for herself (stay away from clothes and shoes) but consider something like a book or a poster....then buy her a movie that she would love so you can have something to do together... then memorise her favourite song and serenade her!!! awww i am good!! haha do this for valentines.....then for her b-day present you can just give her something nice like a really nice necklace with some cute cute cute Victoria's secret underwear!!! or the other way around but trust me its more the effort that makes the gift....hope i helped!!!

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    B-Day Present

    Instead of buying her something, try making a bracelet with her favorite color beads and gold string. Supplies will most likely be found at a local craft store.

    Valentines Day-

    A customized tee-shirt that says "I Love______"

    with a heart around it. :D

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    I agree with the first answer, go classic and but some Godiva Chocolates and some flowers.

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    uumm try a box of chocolates if she likes chocolate uumm or hm well i dont really know her or how long u have been goin out for so yah that would help or like what she is into oh try a sweet CD of someone she likes or some romantic songs for a romantic evening!!!!!!!!!!!!

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