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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusic · 1 decade ago

Best club hits?? Any opinions??

I need some good club hits, I'm a DJ

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hello there. Here is a list of some club hits that will truely impress the Club patrons.

    4 Strings (feat. Tina Cousins) - "Curious"

    Ian Van Dahl-"Just A Girl"

    Inner City-"(That Man) He's All Mine"

    Inner City-"Pennies From Heaven"

    Inner City-"Follow Your Heart"

    Inner City-"Good Love"

    Dr. Alban-"Let The Beat Go On"

    Amber (performer)- "Voodoo" (Ugly Doll Club mix)

    Amber (performer)- "Melt With The Sun" (Original Mix)

    Tina Cousins-"Killing Time"

    Anastacia-"I'm Outta Love"

    Anastacia-"Left Outside Alone" (Jason Nevins Mix)

    Anastacia-"Love Is A Crime"

    Alyson-"Feel You" (E-Smoove Club Mix) and the (Randolp Club Mix)

    Alyson-"Take A Good Look" (Randolp Club Mix)

    Alyson Williams-"Sleep Talk"

    Meli'sa Morgan-"Can You Give Me What I Want"

    Vesta-"Do Ya"

    Suzanne Palmer-"Keep The Faith"

    Suzanne Palmer-"Free My Love" (David Morales Mix)

    Kym Mazelle-"A Place in My Heart"

    Lonnie Gordan-"Dirty Love"

    Lonnie Gordon-"Gonna Catch You"

    Lonnie Gordon-"A God That Can Dance"

    Lonnie Gordon-"He Lives In You"

    Bad Boys Blue-"Luv 4 U"

    Modern Talking-"You Can Win If You Want"

    Colonel Abrams-"Just When You Thought"

    Colonel Abrams-"Never Be Another One"

    Colonel Abrams-"Victim of Loving You"

    Colonel Abrams-"Make a Difference"

    Kim English-"Nite Life"

    Kim English-"Tomorrow"

    Kim English-"Missing You" (Ricanstruction Club Mix)

    Ultra Nate-"Love's The One Drug"

    Luther Vandross-"Shine (Freemasons Mix)

    Faith Evans-"Mesmerized" (Freemasons Club Mix)

    Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson-"Watchin'"

    Ce Ce Peniston-"Lifetime To Love" (Radio Edit)

    Taylor Dayne-"How Many" (Radio Edit)

    Jennifer Holliday-"A Woman's Got The Power" (Tunderpuss Mix)

    Ultra Nate-"I Don't Understand It"

    Daft Punk-"Digital Love"

    Daft Punk-"Technologic"

    Hazell Dean-"Who's Leaving Who?"

    Robbie Williams-"Rudebox"

    Robbie Williams-"Rock DJ"

    Jenna Drey-"By The Way" (Al B. Rich Club mix)

    Pepper Mashay-"Lost Yo Mind" (Josh Harris Club Mix)

    Paulina Rubio-"Algo Tienes"

    Paulina Rubio-"Dame Otra Tequila"

    Paulina Rubio-"I'll Be Right Here (Sexual Lover)"

    Claudja Barry-"Work Me Over"

    Claudja Barry-"Down and Counting"

    Claudja Barry-"Love Is an Island"

    Claudja Barry-"Summer of Love"

    Claudja Barry-"I Will Stand" (Sugardip Club Mix)

    Deborah Cooper-"Real Love"

    Deborah Cooper-"Live You All Over"

    Jim Verarros-"You're Getting Crazy"

    Byron Stingily-"U Turn Me"

    Kate Ryan-"All for You"

    Kate Ryan-"Alive"

    Kate Ryan-"Only If I"

    Crystal Waters-"Just a Freak"

    Crystal Waters-"Destination Unknown"

    Thalia-"A Dream For Two"


    Safire-"Made Up My Mind"

    Safire-"Taste the Bass'

    Safire-"Don't Break My Heart 2002"

    Tiffany-"Na Na Na"

    Tiffany-"Ride It"

    Rozalla-"Live Another Life"

    Rozalla-"All Or Nothing"

    Rozalla-"Don't Go Lose It Baby"

    Rozalla-"Coming Home"

    Shape U.K.-"Incredible"

    Shape U.K.-"Sensitivity"

    Nicki French-"Calling Out My Name"

    Nicki French-"I Surrender"

    Samantha Fox-"Let Me Be Free"

    Samantha Fox-"Angel With an Attitude"

    Joi Cardwell-"Jump For Joi"

    Joi Cardwell-"Love and Devotion"

    Joi Cardwell-"Found Love"


    Weather Girls-"Sounds of Sex"

    Weather Girls-"Wild Thang"

    Billie Ray Martin-"Honey"

    Cyndi Lauper-"Come On Home" (Extended Club Mix)

    Cyndi Lauper-"That's What I Think" (Club Mix)

    Gloria Estefan-"Oye"

    Gloria Estefan-"I'm Not Giving You Up" (Dance Mix) (from her "Greatest Hits Vol. 2" CD)

    Gloria Estefan-"Feelin'" (Love To Infinity Mix)

    Expose-"I Think I'm In Trouble"

    Expose-"I Specialize In Love"

    The Cover Girls-"If You Want My Love (Here It Is)"

    En Vogue-"Riddle" (Club Remix Edit, remixed by Maurice Joshua)

    Jomanda-"I Cried The Tears"

    Jomanda-"Don't You Want My Love"

    Gioia-"From The Inside"

    Gioia-"Be Mine"



    Murk-"Doesn't Really Matter"

    Funky Green Dogs-"Rise Up"

    Funky Green Dogs-"You Got Me (Burin' Up")

    Laren Hildebrandt-"Dance With You"

    And many others. For more cool real club music songs, check out the sites below.

  • starks
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    4 years ago

    This music is poor! no longer as quickly as interior the music video grow to be there a robotic! Why do no longer human beings get robots? they're greater powerful rappers than those adult males will ever be. yet in that experience, they're greater powerful at wrapping sandwiches, which they're very sturdy at making. Rap music makes them go nuts and kill human beings. it extremely is why i'm getting alongside with them so properly. So, in end... GET A robotic!!! -RS

  • 1 decade ago

    Freaks of the Industry - Digital Underground

    That song usually gets people dancing.

    Source(s): I used to be always at the clubs
  • 1 decade ago

    throw some d's on it and walk it out

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah by usher

  • "It's You, It's Me" - Kaskade

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