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Large bump on the back end of my dog....?

Now before I get a bunch of "take her to the vet" answers. I have an appointment already, but thought maybe someone here can perpare me for what I think I am going to hear at the vets office.

The dog is 13 and a half years old. Female. Lab/Brittney Spaniel mix. She had a sezier about 6 months ago. She drinks a lot! She eats very slowly when before she used to gobble up food quickly. She has delveloped very quickly a large bump, about the size of a softball on her side in the rear. It is very hard. Any ideas what it might be? I am thinking the worse....


She sleeps all day and night...she is awake probably 3 hours total all day. She has had several accidents in the house, too.

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    Without actually looking at the lump it's hard to say what it is, but by your description it sounds like a tumor. Tumors develop quickly and are solid (not soft or movable like cysts or abscesses). Your vet will run some blood tests, may want to do a biopsy or a needle aspirate of the lump to determine if it's benign or malignant. One possibility that what your describing sounds like Lymphoma. My friends dog was diagnosed with this when he was only 5 years old and had similar symptoms (drinking lots of water, urinating in the house, became lethargic, and a sudden appearance of a lump). They did go through with treatment for a while, but they saw he was suffering too much so they did have to put him down :( If it was caught earlier he probably would have handled it better. Here are a few links with information:

    I hope this helps and that everything turns out ok. Don't start to worry until you get more precise answers from the vet. I wish you the best of luck!

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    How old is your dog? If your dog is old it could be simply an old age spot which is fairly common but do need to be checked to be sure it is not a cancerous tumor. If your dog is young it would probably be more likely to be some sort of tumor unless she has been injured it could be some sort of absess. But you are saying your dog sleeps all day and urinated in the house so it sounds to me like it could be some kind of cancer related problem with the bump(if the bump had anything to do with the way your dog is acting). I hope my answer helped.

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    sounds like a zit, cold sores don't have a white head. Put hot compresses on it for about 30 minutes (a washcloth soaked with the hottest water you can stand will work well,) and it will bring all of the whitehead to the surface and it can be gently squeezed to remove it. Put clearasil or some other type of acne cream on it after it pops, this should help get rid of it fast.

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    This is probably a perianal adenoma or adnocarcinoma. It could also be a perianal abscess Unfortunately, I do think she is quite ill. Tumors that grow very quickly are more likely to be malignant.

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    You shouldn't think the worse.. there'a always hope. Drinking a lot isn't a good sign BUT she is still eating. Is she really lethargic?

    The lump could be anything, probably a fatty cyst.

    Good Luck

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    i really dont know, but always think poistive. my dog has some bumps on the bottom of her stomach/chest and the vet said they are juts 'things dogs get'. he did say if they are bigger than a tennis ball they should be removed. he'll probably just take a piece of it and test it for various things. good luck!

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