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Cat placed on Purina Veterinary Diet EN?

My poor baby has been vomiting for a while now. I took her to the vet and the first time we tried giving her one medication. It didn't stop the vomiting so I took her back. He did a CBC (all of which came back fine) and a baruim series with XRay. It showed a constricted area of the intestines. It isn't a complete blockage. So while he confers with his associate he has put her on an antibiotic to prevent secondary infection, carafate suspension and Laxatone. He also suggested I feed her Purina Veterinary Diet EN several times a day in small quantities. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with either the medications, the problem itself or the food. Also if you do use the food could you tell me where you found it the cheapest. I have been checking into several online pet supply stores and the cheapest is 17 a case with 10 shipping and handling. Thank you for your help.

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    Has your cat been having diarrhea as well. Both of my cats have been on EN and it works great to get their stomach back under control. EN is the equivalent of our chicken noodle soup. It is bland but very easy on the stomach and intestines. since the stomach is in bad shape it makes it easier for the stomach to handle it. The laxatone is usually used to prevent hairballs and helps get rid of any already there. The carafate I actually havent used but here is a site that explains it


    We ususally used sucralfate to help with the vomiting. When I bought EN from my vet I bought a box of eight pouches for like under 4 bucks. It was ridiculously cheap. I was surprised. If you are going to get a bunch you can talk to your vet about ordering it for you. We would take orders from our customers of what food they needed and then place an order when we had enough to fill their requirements. Unfortunately the Purina people require 50 lbs of food before they ship it. If you have any questions email me. Good luck

    Source(s): former vet tech and have used EN
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    Sorry to hear about your cat.

    As a pet nutritionist, the only help I can give you is that I would never under any circumstance feed a vet prescription diet. The foods are disgusting and do more harm then good in most cases.

    Perhaps I'm missing most of the details but it sounds like the best solution would be surgery to widen the constriction. Other than preventing infection, the antibiotics won't help the underlying problem. A change in food may keep the digestive system clean but there is still a risk of blockage if the constriction is not relieved. I think maybe you need a second opinion...or perhaps surgery is not an option for you because of cost...I don't know.

    But from my professional and personal view, there are so many exceptionally high quality foods out there that will keep your cat much healthier while helping to resolve this health issue.

    I hope this provides you with something to think about.

    Source(s): I am a pet nutritionist.
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