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Who are some inportant people in the 1920s?

I need to do a newspaper article about the 1920s (Canada), and i need help! any info on anything please give me!

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    1920 The tommy gun patented by John T Thompson.

    The Band-Aid (pronounced 'ban-'dade) invented by Earle Dickson.

    1921 Artificial life begins -- the first robot built.

    John Larson invented the lie detector.

    1922 Insulin invented by Sir Frederick Grant Banting.

    The first 3-D movie (spectacles with one red and one green lens) is released.

    1923 Garrett A. Morgan invents a traffic signal.

    The television or iconoscope (cathode-ray tube) invented by Vladimir Kosma Zworykin.

    John Harwood invented the self-windingwatch in 1923.

    Clarence Birdseye invents frozen food.

    1924 The dynamic loudspeaker invented by Rice and Kellogg.

    Notebooks with spiral bindings invented.

    1925 The mechanical television a precursor to the modern television, invented by John Logie Baird.

    1926 Robert H. Goddard invents liquid-fueled rockets.

    1927 Eduard Haas III invents PEZ candy.

    JWA Morrison invents the first quartz crystal watch.

    Philo Taylor Farnsworth invents a complete electronic TV system.

    Technicolor invented.

    Erik Rotheim patents an aerosol can.

    Warren Marrison developed the first quartz clock.

    Philip Drinker invents the iron lung.

    1928 Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin.

    Bubble gum invented by Walter E. Diemer.

    Jacob Schick patented the electric shaver.

    1929 American, Paul Galvin invents the car radio.

    Yo-Yo re-invented as an American fad.

    I hope some of these people and ideas help you! good luck

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    Since you ask about Canada you could start with W.L.M. King who was Prime Minister for most of the 1920s. Frederick Banting, the co-discoverer of insulin was very famous. Others include Edward Samuel Rogers (radio inventor) Samuel McLaughlin (auto maker), Agnes Macphail and Nellie McClung (women's rights activists), J.S. Woodsworth (politician), Lawren Harris and other of the Group of Seven artists.

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  • Charlie Chaplin- A man who led the world of film and movie making.

    Henry Ford- Created the ideal assembly line, and the concept of paying workers well enough to buy the companies product.

    Dr. Collips on Jan 23 1922 treats the first person with diabetes with insulin in Toronto.

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    Try this

    it should give you some names

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