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Why does other people oppose dual citizenship?

Why does other people oppose dual citizenship?

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    People oppose dual citizenship because it's their right to oppose whatever they want. Unfortunately many who oppose dual citizenship don't know much about it or are unable to make an educated decision on whether or not it would benefit their country or not.

    Countries with dual citizenship have the advantages of broadening that countries economic base by boosting trade, investment, and eliminating so called "red tape" when it comes to these types of items.

    Immigration regulations are barriers to the free exchange of skills across borders. With the advancement of technology, especially the internet, and the break down of economical barriers among countries I think that dual citizenship is an essential part to the survival of the world and its people. Emagine global citizenry and being able to freely move anywhere, anytime to pursue any opportunity you desire..... the thought is quite breathtaking....

    I honestly feel the main opposers to dual citizenship have not obtained enough information on the subject to make a rationale decision.

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    I even have twin citizenship - born interior the USA of a and then immigrated to Canada and grow to be naturalized as a Canadian. somebody else right here mentioned that the USA of a would not enable twin citizenship, yet that man or woman is erroneous. the USA of a would not understand your different citizenship, yet they do no longer do away with your US citizenship once you get yet another citizenship, till you have completed something which skill you "renounced" your US citizenship, including served in a distant places defense force or employed in government in a exceptionally private protection point. whilst i am going over the border into the USA of a, each and all of the US customs officers are interested in seeing is my US delivery certificates and my drivers' license. when I return to Canada, the Canadian border officers purely desire to work out my Canadian citizenship naturalization record and my drivers' license. I even have merely utilized for my US passport (because of the fact the guidelines are quickly going to alter and you will want a passport to circulate the borders) and next i'll prepare for my Canadian passport, so i could have the two. And wager what? I vote in the two international places! Too undesirable in case you do no longer like it! exchange the guidelines, then. i admire the two certainly one of my international places!

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    who opposes dual citizenship?? can u plz give more details??

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    Because the country your a citizen of wants you to be loyal to ONLY them.. In a way the government is asking you to "choose sides."

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