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極急!!!! 翻譯中- 英!! 20分!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

請將以下網址中的文章翻譯, 不要網上字典翻譯那些看不懂的"英文"!!! 急需!! 謝謝!!!!


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    The Maxim's corporation began its business since 1956 and has been franchising Chinese cuisine, Western cuisine, western pastries, and the Starbucks coffes shop chain. Our coporation has also offered catering services for organizations and we have a staff of over 12,000 employees, serving 450,000 customers on a daily basis. We are the largest restaurant corporation in HK. in 1956, Maxim's debuted in the restaurant industry by establishing the first western styled restaurant namely the "Maxim's Restaurant."

    During the 60's and 70's, the Maxim's coporation was the first to creat the one of its kind western pastries delicacies and fast food chains. Today, our cake shop and fast food restaurant is distributed throughout HK, Kowloon, and the New Territories.

    in 1970, Maxium's has imported the management concept of "Chinese cuisines with Western services," and thus opened several Cantonese styled restaurants that provided excellent services with spacious environments with adequate facilities. In addtional, Maxium has created the popular culture of "One plate Two types" in the area.

    From the 70's to the 80's, Maxim's has established restaurants featuring food in several Chinese provinces such as 潮江春、北京樓、洞庭樓、錦江春, etc. We have gladly been awarded the top restaurants during the past few years and thus gained our fame internationally.Currently, the coporation has expanded into the relam of new era Chinese cuisine like 北京人家、中國芳及蘭庭 etc. These new establishments focus on the creativity in food, kitchenware, and its envionment that bring a new perspectives to our customers.

    Since 1998, Maxim's has developed its new moden style of western restaurants--the m.a.x.concepts, which includes Mexx, Cafe Landmark, rice paper, EXP and the Thai Basil etc. These new restaurants provide our customers creative new dishes. On the other hand, Maxim's has also opened up two new Japanese restaruants, 賀菊 and Miso, and together with the Basil line that features on south-east Asian cuisines, our company has created a new generation of creative Japanese and south-east Asian cuisines.

    In may of 2005, Maxim's has successfuly brought in the world reowned Starbucks coffee into Hong Kong. In a mere period of years, over 30 Starbucks has been established and has successfully introduced the Starbucks culture into the HK population. In the year end of 2002, the corporation has further opened up retail chains in Tseung Kwan O and Shenzhen.

    Maxim's has also provide catering services for a handful of local commercial industies, education organizations, as well as hospital groups.

    Today, the diversity in services at Maxim's has included sesonal and festive delicacies such as Chinese rice cakes, rice tamales for Dragon Boat festival, preserved Chinese sausage, and mid-Autumn festival mooncakes, etc. These delicacies are the best as gifts for family and friends. Our products has also received the honorable, "Q" status for excellent product certificate and internationally recognized HACCP's "safe food and quality control" certificated. We have also topped the number 1 sales in 5 consecutive years.

    Maxim's has grown with time and has lead the food culture in Hong Kong. We will continue to serve our customers the best food and services.

    I am not sure about the chinese names of those restaurants, so I will suggest you check 1 check with your local phone book la.

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    The maxims originated in 1956, managed the vegetable, the western cuisine, the fast-food in Hong Kong, west the cake, the star Barke coffee shop, as well as provided branch stores and so on organization dining service to surpass 330, the staff reaches 12,000 people, served every day surpasses 450,000 people, was the Hong Kong biggest diet group. In 1956, an American heart start west dining room - “the American heart dining room”, established its catering business the foundation.

    In 60, the 70's, the American heart founded west the cake and the fast-food chain beginning of a matter. Now, west American heart cake and American heart fast-food branch store world-wide port, nine, New Territory.

    In 1970, American heart introduction brand-new “Chinese type food, western-style service” management, opens many Guangdong type restaurant, provides the environment spacious, well-equipped and the multiplication banquets the service, and establishes is welcome the resident “cup two” to drink deeply the tea culture.

    70 to the 80's, the American heart organizes tide Jiang Chun, the Beijing building, the Tungting lake building, Jinjiang spring and so on a series of other provinces restaurant, for many years is elected for the Hong Kong best dining room, is well-known the overseas. At this point, American heart with when advances together, establishes in many new factions the restaurant, like Beijing others, China fragrant and blue courtyard and so on. Down to regardless of food, the mess gear the environment repair and so on all fills the creativity, brings the infinite curiosity for the customer.

    From 1998, the American heart developed new faction west dining room series m.a.x. concepts, including Mezz, cafe Landmark, rice paper, EXP and Thai Basil west and so on the dining room, provides the unique innovation for the customer the cuisine. Moreover, the American heart also established He Ju and the Miso two between date vegetable dining room, as well as the Basil line many between Southeast Asia vegetable dining room, creates the new faction date vegetable and the Southeast Asia vegetable upsurge.

    In May, 2000, the American heart succeeded the world well-known star Barke coffee culture introduces Hong Kong, surpassed 30 coffee shops in during during the short 2 years in the port start, and marched Aomen in 2002 year's end and Shenzhen.

    The American heart also for many local organizations and the hospital and so on industry and commerce, education provides the organization dining service.

    Now, the American heart multiplex diet service also includes a series of for a holiday foods, including celebrates the lunar new year's cake, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month steamed rice dumpling, the sacrificial intestines cured foods and the midautumn festival moon cake and so on, for gives a present and from presents on good choice. The American heart moon cake quality also receives “Q ma” the quality product certificate and international approval HACCP “the food safe key control” the certificate affirmed that, and the continual 5 years (1998-2002 year) becomes the entire port sales volume champion.

    American heart with when advances together, leads the Hong Kong diet tidal current, from now on will continue for the customer to provide the high quality diet service.

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