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who was against the civilian conservation corps. and why?

im working on a new deal program thing and i can't find this info anywhere. could you cite your source please?

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  • Corey
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    1 decade ago
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    the new deal created by FDR was a very socialist policy... we were desperate.

    the communist countries would view us as moussolini or hitler if we did anything socialist.

    we cant afford to piss off china, and guess what china is... communist...

    and guess who hates us times a million... N.Korea.. guess whos communist and has nukes

    guess whose the biggest country in the world, and if we piss off, can ruin any chances of victory for america in a god-forbid world war.... russia... guess whos communist... russia (putins communist no matter what you say about gorbechev and the cold

    idk about the civilian conservation corps... but i wouldnt waste my time on something so socialist to dictate our current situation.

    if i was gonna apply socialism to anything, it would hafta be poverty and economic rebalancing... maybe you should focus on that.

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