What is the cost of living in Cleveland, Ohio?

Can someone give me an idea what can a person or family afford on $30,000/year living in Cleveland, it can be buying a house, renting a home or apartment.

Your help is appreciated.

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    Cleveland Ohio cost of living is like it is here in Indiana. Lower than other states. First figure out your monthly budget. What are you paying now? Are you confortable in what you are paying now? A 80,0000 mortgage would be roughly 587.01 depending on your credit score - I put the rate in at 8 percent, since I do not have your "true" picture. This is P & I only and not taxes and homeowners insurance.

    Try these links, contact them for school information and informaion on the area you are wanting to live in. Research on the internet the different areas. I also underwrite in OH if I can help in anyway.

    Chamber of Commerce (216) 274-2354 200 Public Sq, Cleveland, OH

    British American Chamber (216) 621-0222 1120 Chester Ave, Cleveland, OH

    Rocky River Chamber-Commerce (440) 331-1140 20160 Detroit Rd, Cleveland, OH


    Lakewood Chamber of Commerce (216) 226-2900 14701 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH

    Independence Chamber-Commerce (216) 573-2707 6596 Brecksville Rd, Cleveland, OH

    Rocky River Middle School (440) 356-6870 1631 Lakeview Ave, Cleveland, OH

    Rocky River Board of Education (440) 333-6000 20951 Detroit Rd, Cleveland, OH

    Goldwood Primary Elementary School (440) 356-6720 21600 Center Ridge Rd, Cleveland, OH

    Brooklyn City School District (216) 485-8100 9200 Biddulph Rd, Cleveland, OH


    Chamber of E-Commerce

    Contact Information 5455 Airport Road South, Suite C200 Richmond (Canada), V7B 1B5 Phone: 604.233.6200 Contact Information 1301 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W, Suite 1100 Phone: 800-375-9286


    Euclid Chamber of Commerce

    Chamber of Commerce Members Resources Search For a Member ACCOUNTING SERVICES Karen S. Kellogg, Inc. 26250 Euclid Ave. #525 Euclid, OH 44132 Contact: Karen S. Kellogg Tel: 216/731-4777 Fax: 216/731-1356 SBC


    French-American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain Chapter

    French-American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain Chapter Membership Directory 2005 Virginie Ganivet Executive Director Mailing Address 8101 E. Dartmouth Ave., Unit 21 Denver, CO 80231 Office Location 571 Galapago Street, Denver, CO 80204 1 2 4 5


    Brook Park Chamber of Commerce

    Official Website of the Brook Park, Ohio Chamber of Commerce.


    Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

    The Lakewood, Ohio Chamber of Commerce website with complete member listings. The future role of the Chamber in Today s business climate is contributing ideas for economic growth, assisting businesses with the resources they need to become ...


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