Move to ban Australian flag from Australia Day Celebrations?

I am appalled that there are politicians who value their country's flag with so little respect.

I would like to hear what your say on the matter is

.Do you think it is a right move or wrong move?.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think it is a wrong move. If you can not carry the Australian Flag in Australia then there is a big problem. The government of Australia started this problem years ago by allowing people in the country that have no respect for our way of life and those who want to live like they do in their own country in Australia. Then for organisers to ban the flag cause of racial tensions is just not on. All people of this country need to realise that this is Australia and we will parade the flag if we want to.

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    5 years ago

    Hi Darl, According To Another Question It's Only A Suggestion But I Told That Bloke In No Uncertain terms What I Thought Of His "Suggestion" You Hit The Nail Right on the Head Darl, It Should Be The Yobs That Are Banned (Or Discouraged As The Other Q. Put It About The Flag) From Attending. The Cops Seem To Manage To Ban Trouble Makers From Sporting Events If They've Been Court In the Past So Why Not The Big Day Bash Too?! I've said It Before And I'll Say It Again I'm True Blue And Proud And No Yahoo Is Going To Tell Me I Can't Paint My Face With Our Flag As I Did @ Fox Studios Australia Day 2004 Or Carry A Full Size Flag Of Any Nationality As I Carry The Saltar Also On St Andrews Day As I Have Scottish Roots. Crocks Rule! I Dedicate This Answer To The Memory Of Steve Irwin. He Changed Our World "CRIKEY" And How! God Bless Australia. Have A Gooday And A Beaut 2007 Darl!

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    Well, as usual this is a storm in a teacup that the media has blown out of proportion. Politician's have not made moves to ban the flag at all.

    There is however some concern that, of more recent times, "certain types" have been using the flag in a less than patriotic manner in a sadly miguided demonstration of what they believe patriotism to be about. All this leads to is acts of violence and does nothing to ease tensions that exist in certain parts of our beautiful country,

    Fundamentally, it is a wrong move to ban the flag from events like the BDO and Aus Day celebrations, however it is even more wrong for our flag to be used as a symbol of anything else except freedom, pride in our country and ALL it's citizens and respect for our all our nation stands for

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    to ban that would be like baning stories of our history and our heritage.

    That flag is forged from the blood and sweat of our ancestors, to be used as anything but patriotic purposes, or to remind us of the sacrifices our our ancestors is both unwise and disrespectful.

    On Australia day, the day of our national pride the flag should be hung from all corners of our vast continent, whats more all Australians first generation or otherwise should in their hearts pledge allegiance to what that flag means, by that i mean our way of life, our past, our future and most of all the sacrifices of those who died under its banner.

    Events like the big day out (having been to a few now) are a gathering of young Australians (generally) and if those people want to display our flag in the right manner then why should anyone have the right to stop them.

    I do not believe that the flag should ever be used as "gang" colours as that in itself is disrespectful of the meaning of the flag and all that is stands for.

    Anyway that is my blurb and so it is..


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  • 1 decade ago

    It is an Australian day concert & the Flag is important & to tell people that they can't have it or wear it is a bit to big brother

    why have celebrations without the flag

    it doesn't make sense

    it was only spured on by idiots who hate the flag & couldn't accept they were beaten at the polls

  • 1 decade ago

    It's Australia Day and it's the Australian flag, the organisers would be better off to employ more security to control the small percent that wish to be disrespectful troublemakers.(IE: toss them out and have them charged)

    The big problem now with all the media coverage on this issue is that that particular percentage will probably deliberately try to make trouble now.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think its a wrong move... The australian flag is our symbol...

    They say that theyre banning it because of the Cronulla Riots.. and how it incites hate and racism.

    I think thats bull s-h-i-t... I am a proud Australian/Arab/Muslim and I am proud to wave the Australian flag as a symbol of my love, gratitude and patriotism to Australia on the Australia day celebrations!

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!... OI, OI, OI!

  • 1 decade ago

    wrong move

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