Theater differences?

Can anyone list at least five differences in between movie theater and live theater?

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    Live theatre often has a simple, single strain plot line. It is a lot harder to create incredibly intricate plots to be portrayed over the course of a play or musical. Movies or TV often is able to create vastly more intricate plot lines.

    However, even though live theatre focuses on a single plot line and isn't as intricate as movies, live theatre is often a much more intimate expirence than watching a movie is. You are in the theatre with a living, breathing, EMOTING person. I know that there have been a few times when I was moved to tears in a movie, but the feeling didn't last. In live theatre, when I am in the same room as someone expressing these incredible emotions I feel such a bigger catharsis.

    Movies are filmed, and therefore are not live theatre, so (in my opinion) the acting is vastly different. In live theatre an actor has to have all of his lines memorized, along with all of the blocking and other aspects of the show performance learned.

    Live theatre scripts often go on to become regarded as works of literature. Screen plays and movie scripts seldom do.

    In live theatre you often don't see what one would typically describe as an action or thriller movie because of difficulties in depicting the special effects of things like car chases and intense gun fights. There is stage fighting and fake stage blood, but often in theatre shows the fights are shortened, or done behind a scrim.

    While both live theatre and movies have trained technical staffs, the staff for both is vastly different. Both live theatre and movies employ light and sound technicians, but the differences begin there. For example, movies employ camera men, while live theatre employs fly rail operators.

    For movies, often, the scenery is able to be rather heavy and large. However, for live theatre, since if a piece of scenery must move in a play it is often an actor or a 'techie' that must move that piece of scenery, the set pieces are often made out of as little material as possible and is lightweight. Also, in movies, if something is made out of rock, it often will be made out of rock, or at least something that follows all of the shapes of rock. In live theatre, almost everything for shape and coloration effect of scenery is done by paint. Finally, on the topic of scenery, in movies, the set pieces are often much more finely finished then in live theatre, since the closest one will get to see the scenery in live theatre is often at least twenty feet away.

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    The biggest difference I can say is the audience, and the fact that you get one shot and you have to keep your energy up so that you keep ahold of their attention. There's also more of a buzz from standing in front of live people and I personally use that adrenaline to my advantage. With filming the days are very long and you get as many takes as needed and you are only in a room with the people you are working with. Acting for camera tends to be a bit more subtle because it captures the truth and all the little things. Again you can afford to be a bitter energetic on stage but on camera that would be seen as over acting.

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    Well, first of all the overall structure is different as in theatre is presented to a live audience, while film can be repeated until perfected. Also, live theatre requires much less subtle movements and generally requires exaggerated emotion and character portrayal. Live theatre requires much more equipment for lighting, but does not require cameras as film does. Film can be edited and enhanced digitally, but theatre is confined to physical effects and actions. Theatre generally includes musical accompaniment, unlike film.

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    Often "boxes"

    Actors are tangible

    No Concessions

    Designed for Sound


    No Curtain

    No boxes

    Actors aren't tangible


    Designed for Sight

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    Are you trying to get answers to a test question or something?

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    I think these are obvious. I mean, come on already, this is a no brainer!

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