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What is the difference between a mini cooper and a mini cooper S?

I can't tell, really.

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    Horsepower, which if you buy automatic means you have some actual pep in the car with an S.

    And I can't believe folks aren't mentioning the snout. There is this cute little air dam in the hood which lets in extra oxygen (the better to feed the HP), but is just so adorable ... that little snout looks like an alligator, in my opinion, you know how they breathe from on top? Basically, it makes me think that the S has serious teeth.

    I have an S, which I adore, but it is manual ... it means I have some serious torque. S's are great for going up switchbacks on mountains and traversing other uncertain terrain. If you are looking for city driving you would probably be happy with the base engine.

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    The original 2004 Mini Coopers had different Horsepower ratings. The first cars into the US had:

    110 HP for the Standard Mini Cooper; (Mar. 07 - 141HP)

    175 HP for the Mini Cooper S. (Mar. 07 - 190HP)

    210 HP for the John Cooper Works (Mar. 07 - 230HP)

    The "S" in the original "Mini Cooper S" means supercharged. Today in 2007, there is a "JWC" version which is an improved turbocharged high performer on special order from the factory in Oxford, England. Five or Six Speed Manual transmissions or a five speed automatic are available.

    Source(s): CA Licensed Smog Inspector.
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    Honestly, only you can really say that, and should try test driving each to confirm. Personally, the standard Cooper would be quick enough for me (not that I'd turn down a Cooper S of course), but you might feel differently.

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    The mini Cooper S is supercharged the mini cooper is not. the S has longer gears and red lines higher. and is much faster

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    Cooper S is more sporty than simple Cooper. Cooper S has more hp and it's very fun to drive this car!

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    The S just stands for sport so the engine is a little bigger, probably nothing you can tell, but they will charge you a couple grand more just for that S. lol

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    S is the sport package, which means better handling and more horsepower than the non S version

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    's' stands for sport will be supercharged and have better handling..the only body differnce is the hoodscoop and somtimes a little side skirt

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    S is supercharged, the non S is normal aspirated

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    S has turbo or supercharger.

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