Have you ever heard of usaa and are they a good insurance agency?

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    USAA is based out of San Antonio, Texas, and offers their services for:

    - Active duty officers and enlisted personnel.

    - National Guard, Selected Reserve officers and enlisted personnel.

    - Officer candidates in commissioning programs.

    - Recently retired or separated military personnel.

    - Children of USAA members.

    - Former USAA members.

    They do offer a variety of services to include insurance (auto, home), all banking services (checking, savings, credit, retirement plans), and investments.

    I've had their auto insurance (along with all banking accounts and investments), since 1999, and they have been the lowest cost insurance available. Every other year or so I get an estimate from Geico, Allstate, StateFarm etc, but USAA has always been the cheapest by a least a few hundred dollars.

    GREAT customer service, and they do their job quickly and correctly. Any issues I've ever had were resolved in one phone call.

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    Yes, and they are GREAT!

    Because my Dad was in the military, I have had them for car insurance since I was 16 and started driving. Once I moved out, got married all that stuff, I was able to keep them for insurance. I now use them for life insurance as well.

    They have been great! The rates, the customer service, everything. I had 1 accident (was actually rear-ended at a red light) and they were great to deal with. For years they would send dividend check at the end of the year, based on the saving the company had for the lack of claims. The refund was based on the premium you had paid that year. This year instead of a check, it was a credit put towards the auto policy account. Ever heard of an insurance company giving you money like that?

    USAA is in San Antonio, Texas, and I believe they are one of the largest employers there. The customer service people have always been polite, knowledgable and extremely helpful.

    If you qualify for insurance through USAA, I highly recomend using them. They are an excellent insurance company.

    Source(s): Many, many years of being a member of USAA.
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    USAA is a great insurance company on the car side, but not the homeowner side. Their auto division is very helpful and fast, and the most inexpensive out there. The homeowner division...well, best friend had a burglary the day before Thanksgiving, and she's still waiting for a check, even though the perpetrators have been sentenced. And to get insured through USAA you do have to have military background or be dependent of someone in the military.

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    Yes i have heard of USAA insurance and it is my understanding from those i know who have it is that it is very good and most car premiums are very affordable in comparison to other companies. However it is also my understanding that not just anyone can obtain this insurance you must be an officer in the military or a spouse, dependent etc or some other military requirement (i forgot) .. hope this helps

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  • Jon C
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    1 decade ago

    I love usaa. I even got my credit card and auto loan from them. My insurance is over $200 cheaper than geico and all those ones you see on tv, and they take care of claims fast. It was about 2 days after my accident i got a check to fix my car. And the loans are great. My credit card has like a 9% fixed apr, and my truck loan is at like 4.25%. I strongly suggest them. I am actually looking to get a home loan from them soon!

  • 1 decade ago

    Sure, USAA is huge, they're a solid COMPANY (they aren't an agency!!), and they direct-write insurance for people who "qualify" for their plan. You have to be military, retired military, or spouse/child of military or retired military.

    Source(s): agent, 20+ years
  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, I have heard of them. If you are an eligible member, Use them. I have had them ever since I have had a license and they have some of the best coverage I could find. Rates are great, and they are easy to deal with.

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    Yes, I have heard of them. In fact I have my auto insurance with them. I believe they only cover people in the military.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have never heard of them-sorry

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