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點樣令到dvd recorder 的聲可在dvd player 的5.1 speaker 出?

我剛買了部dvd recorder (samsung HR736) , 它有coaxial 和optical 的output, 可支援dts和度比, 但dvd recorder 沒有5.1 speaker的插位. 我另外有部dvd player (已駁了5.1的speaker), 如果想用dvd player 的5.1speaker 出dvd recorder的聲, 得唔得 ?

點樣接駁? 是否要用amplifier ? 用咩amplifer ? 有無平的方法?


買邊種amplifier 好?? 有冇d $1000以下? 有咩好介紹?

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    You must have an AV amplifier with optical or coaxial input to produce 5.1 channel sound for your DVD recorder. This kind of AV amplifiers has to be able to decode dts and Dolby Digital signal.

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