i hate this!!!!!!!!?

i feel sick to my stomach when i think of my boy friend. i really like him but im the kind of person who cant deal with people talking behind my back. he is so sweet but a little nerdy. im not goin to break up wit him but i just need to know wat to do to calm my nerves.

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    you know what who cares what ppl say just tune them out if you really like this guy you wont care about what any body says. and really who cares the ppl that talk about you are just jelous bc hes probly a really sweet guy and nice and treats you right so scew the ppl that dont like him or you!

    -livie the half emo kid♥♪

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    So what if people talk? Geeze! You worry people will think he's nerdy? So what if he's right for you! Damn. Not everybody will like the guy. Believe it or not, not everybody with whom you share the earth likes you either.

    To calm your nerves, simply grow up just a bit. Forget other people for Christ's sake. Man, you're letting others get to you for what is really no reason. Find your own happiness and be happy with that! Tough medicine for an upset stomach, but you will find it very effective....

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    Are you thinking or knowing that your boyfriend is talking about you behind your back? You were a little unclear.

    If you feel you are being talked about, put a stop to it. Let him know that it is not something you plan on dealing with.

    Are you insecure? Sometimes if we are insecure we allow ourselves to think things like people are speaking about us behind our backs, therfore we make ourselves sick.

    Put your cards on the table with him, as well as anyone else you are in a friendship/relationship with. Be straight up with people, pull no punches, and be honest. If you offer these qualities to people they will hopefully respect you enough to give you back the very same thing.

    Good Luck, hope I helped, if not I'm sorry, your question was a little vague

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    You shouldn't care what other people think. It sounds cliche but following your heart is the only way to calm your nerves. Make your relationship work for you. If people are talking bad about your relationship chances are highly likely that they are envious because they don't have that good of a relationship with someone. Work on your confidence and i guarantee you, you won't care about what anyone else has to say.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Feel no remorse! If someone is disrespecting you( ie not showing care or love) Then there is no reason that you should allow yourself to be subjected to that kind of treatment- especially from your bf- obviously hes not in it to care about you if he is doing that- break up and feel good that you are taking care of yourself.Hope this helps!

  • 1 decade ago

    LOLZ this has happend to me so many times b4 ok so maybe you should talk to him a little more and get to know what he's about! so get to know him..talk to him 24/7 so you wont be so scared wen ur around him,

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    Try to think about the good things that have happened with him...that should calm you down.

  • 1 decade ago

    I really don't know how to answer this. I mean if he makes you sick than why be with him?

  • 1 decade ago

    slap yourself right now, cause you deserve it, cause that was a dumb azz question

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    1 decade ago

    dont know sorry

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