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what is Refurbished m apple store?

can i buy it from an apple store expecting it to be in good condition and scrachless

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    I work with a person thats wife works at an apple store. The refurbished items they sell are Demo models that have been sent in and been fixed up to look and act new. I have seen about 4 iPods that were refurbished from Apple and they have all worked and looked new.

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    A refurbished machine is fine. Notice the warranty is the same for new.

    Machines that have been used as a demo machine. An item that was opened but not used much, machines used at trade shows and other machines are all going to have to be sold as used and therefore would be refurbished.

    I know some people who have a number of portables purchased this way and they are very happy. It has been some time so they are well used by now.

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    Refurbished equipment is pretty good. Normally the reseller, in this case Apple, will get equipment back from a lease or from companies looking to sell back equipment. The equipment may have a few blemishes, but you can generally find equipment that looks new. Best thing to do is call Apple and ask them for pricing on a refurbished model. Ask them about blemishes and scratches.

    Now just be aware that most refurbished equipment may only carry a 90 day to 6 month warranty.

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    Apple's Refurb store is quite unique in that they back their products with the same warranty as the "new" products. In Apple's case, most are new products that were ordered but not delivered for various reasons. However, they cannot sell them as "new" by law.

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    not really most refurbished items are not as good. they got rid of them for a reason.

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