3 phase 480 volts in each wire???

What is the voltages of each of the 3 wires? The wires that carry more volts do they carry less amps so that each wires end up carrying the same number of watts??? I have 240 volts 3 phase and I have one machine a 10 hp motor that needs 480 because the motor cannot be rewired. What is the best/cheapest way to get me 480 volts??

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    1 decade ago
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    There is, unfortunately, no cheap way to proceed. The 480 volts will be between phases; the voltage between each phase and ground will be 277 volts. On your 240 volt suplly, the voltage between phases will be 240 volts; the neutral point will be midway between two of these, and the voltage between that point and the third phase is 208 volts. Bottom line: you will either need a good-sized three phase transformer (expensive) or to replace the motor with a 240 volt unit (also expensive).

  • Joanne
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    4 years ago

    A short circuit will either heat up until the wire burns through and the resistance then becomes infinite, or it will take all the current without leaving any voltage. Yet your question specifies 3 voltages, one for each phase as well as the supply voltage of the whole system. I think if one phase is shorted out the others will not normally change since the power generator is separately wound for each phase too. In this case they don't need protection. However if protection was necessary and is possible it would require a really large store of power on a capacitor or coil, to provide sufficient to allow the system to slow down in a gradual manner. The alternative is a voltage sensitive switch (sprung solinoid)so that once there is a significant voltage loss or (current surge) in any one phase, then the whole of the power is cut off. This kind of fuse is commonly used in domestic supplies.

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