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Who's win? Red Sox/Yankees vs Rest of MLB Teams?

Take the best players (as of today) in the RedSox and Yankees club, vs the best of the rest of the teams.

I just want to know how they stack up since Red Sox and Yankees are what people talk about the most.

BUT NOW! I mention every single team.

Who wins!?

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    Let's break this down a little bit.

    Boston New York Yankee Sox would loook like this...

    SP- Chieng Ming Wang

    SP- Josh Beckett

    SP- Curt Schilling

    SP- Andy Pettite

    SP- Mike Mussina

    RP- Jonathan Papelbon

    RP- Mariano Rivera

    C- Jorge Posada

    1B-Jason Giambi

    2B-Robinson Cano

    3B-Alex Rodriguez

    SS-Derek Jeter

    LF-Manny Ramirez

    CF-Johnny Damon

    RF- JD Drew

    DH- David Ortiz

    The Rest of the MLB teams would probably look something like this...

    SP- Johan Santana

    SP- Roy Halladay

    SP- Roy Oswalt

    SP- Chris Carpenter

    SP- Carlos Zambrano

    RP- Francisco Rivera

    RP- Trevor Hoffman

    C- Joe Mauer

    1B-Albert Pujols

    2B-Chase Utley

    3B-Miguel Cabrera

    SS-Miguel Tejada

    LF- Alonso Soriano

    CF- Vernon Wells

    RF- Vladimir Guerrero

    DH- Ryan Howard

    While both would be amazing teams, you have to give the advantage to the rest of the MLB.

    Rotation- The Yankee/Red Sox have a great staff, but the bottom three are all aging veterans, well beyond their prime. The rest of the MLB has five guys who are RIGHT NOW either in their prime or a couple of years away from their prime. Johan Santana is right now hands down the best pitcher in all of baseball. Advantage goes to the rest of the MLB

    Bullpen- It's hard to argue with Papelbon and Rivera in the bullpen especially with Papelbon's rookie season last year. But when you think about it....beyond those two you would have a group of middle relievers, that really arn't something to write home about. The rest of the MLB would probably have the two i listed closing out games, but beyond those two they could have guys like B.J. Ryan, Huston Street, Billy Wagner, and Joe Nathan in middle relief. Advantage to the rest of the MLB

    Catcher- Both are great, but Posada's better days are more than likely behind him. Mauer started to show that he is worthy of being a number one draft pick, by winning the batting title last season.

    First Base- No question. Albert Pujols is probably the best player in all of baseball and will be for the next couple of years. Off the top of my head I can think of several guys that would be better at first than Giambi....Delgado, Hafner, Berkman, Thome, Morneau, and Teixiera. When compared to Pujols it is no question.

    Second Base- Cano outdid Utley in Doubles and Batting Avg. last season but outside of that....Utley had 32 HR's compared to 15 by Cano.....Utley had 102 RBIs compared to 78 by Cano...Utley had 203 hits compared to 165 by Cano. Both are great, but Utley is better.

    Third Base and Shortstop- Jeter and A-Rod over Tejada and Cabrera. Jeter is a captain and a proven big game winner. Tejada has no rings, Jeter has three. A-Rod will probably end his career the all-time HR king...Cabrera is still young and still has something to prove. Although he probably will you have to go with A-Rod

    OF- Drew has put up big numbers for the last couple of years but is a question mark every year. Damon is great but aging. Manny is a guarantee but a headache. Soriano, Wells, and Guerrero are all guys who could post 40 Homeruns while Ramirez is the only member of the Yankee/Red Sox who probably could. Guerrero, Soriano, and Wells are also all capable of hitting over .300 next season while it looks like Manny is the only member of the Yankee/Red Sox who could. Advantage rest of the MLB.

    DH- It's a push. Ortiz is the best clutch hitter. But Howard didn't win the MVP for nothing.


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  • Lorna
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    4 years ago

    You're also forgetting that the Yanks were in 4 World Series to the 2 the Red Sox were in. I don't get excited about what people say or vote. Its all subjective and if you know the Yankees the team prides themselves on being able to compete EVERY year and they have pretty much since 1995. We all know the Yankees are the Team of the Decade even if MLB Network doesn't.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you combine the Red Sox and Yankee rosters only together let's say 50 players, then combine the rest of baseball into one team with a like number of players.

    an all star team with everyone represented as they do now at All-Star time.

    a 100 game series would probably end up 51-49 either way.

    the Red Sox and Yankee rosters are that good. just my opinion. I am Boston fan but I am not one who does not respect the Yankees.

    that is a series that would be amazing to follow. 2 teams against the rest..

    what a concept.

    sort of like it is right now anyway.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The rest of the MLB in a blowout. The Yankees/Red Sox team would be lucky to score more than a run against some of the other pitchers in the MLB.

    Clay_dawg, if I was picking the rest of the MLB team, it would be almost identical to yours. The only change, I would have the multi-Gold Glove winning CF Torii Hunter at CF, he may not have great offensive numbers, but defensively, he is the best CF in the game.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Probably the rest of the MLB

    I'lll show you the Rosters


    C-Jorge Posada

    1B-Jason Giambi

    2B-Robby Cano


    SS-Derek Jeter

    ...Notice it's all Yanks

    RF-Bobby Abreu

    CF-Johnny Damon


    LF-Manny Ramirez

    DH-David Ortiz

    SP-Chein Ming Wang

    SP-Curt Schilling

    SP-Mike Mussina

    SP-Roger Clemens(Probably going to sign with either team)

    SP-Andy Pettite

    SP-Kei Igawa(Just in case Roger retires)

    Set Up Man-Jon Papelbon

    CP-Mariano Rivera

    Rest of League

    C-Joe Mauer

    1B-Albert Pujols

    2B-Freddy Sanchez

    3B-Miguel Cabrera

    SS-Miguel Tejada

    RF-Vladimer Guerrero

    CF-Vernon Wells


    DH-Ryan Howard

    SP-Johan Santana

    SP-Roy Halladay

    SP-Brandon Webb

    SP-Chris Carpenter

    SP-Jon Garland

    Set up Man-Billy Wagnor

    CP-Trevor Hoffman

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  • 1 decade ago

    The rest of the MLB. The Red Sox/Yankees have a great infield, outfield, starting rotation, and closer, but their bullpen just dont size up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Red Sox/Yankees we are the Powerhouse teams.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Yankeesox would win that one. The Yankeesox lineup has two of baseball's most clutch hitters in Ortiz and Jeter.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yankees and redsox coz they have best player

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  • 1 decade ago

    the yankees

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