Was Rep Virginia Foxx correct in the assesment the minumum wage is nothing more than a kickback to unions?

Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to express my disappointment with the broken promises of the Democratic leadership. I had high hopes that the promise of unlimited amendments and bipartisanship would prevail in the 110th Congress, but there have been no signs of these promises.

From the beginning, hypocrisy and corruption have reared their ugly heads. The minimum wage bill is touted as a massive relief for the poor, while only 2.5 percent of the population are actually making the minimum wage. This bill was nothing more than a kickback to unions, who use the Federal minimum wage to negotiate their salaries. This increase is a whopping 41 percent over 26 months; not to mention that in the bill American Samoa was exempt, a place where there are two canning plants for Del Monte Corporation, headquartered in San Francisco.

The pledge for open debate and unlimited amendments has been completely ignored. Democrats' bills have been rammed through without opportunity for amendments. So many promises made, all of them broken.

Mr. Speaker, this 100-hour agenda is a pure sham of political showmanship. The Democrats have distorted the North Carolina State motto, which is, ``To be rather than to seem.'' While these bills seem worthwhile, they are nothing more than window dressing for political gain.


funny how the no body knows union negotiations and salaries are based on minimum wage. its percentage, your salaries are based on a percentage over the minimum wage... wonder why the news doesnt let that little fact out.

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    Oh yes!! Foxx said it well! The media tends to leave a whole lot of 'little' details that we need to know to make a proper judgment of different issues. The Democrats also throw in a lot of little goodies to their bills that the media forgets to tell us. Like Section 220 added to the bill to reform, it silences conservative radio stations that offer emails to our representatives and will block our ability to know how the government is dealing with issues like abortion and such.

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    Raising the Minimum Wage is a Hoax.

    It is nothing more than a Political Publicity Stunt.

    (But it fools the gullible, and that's what counts.)

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    it is a payback of sorts... getting on this minumum wage, take a look at who the compaines are that pay minumum wage in most places ,,, those are some of the biggest business in the world,,, mc donalds, wendys, all fast food resturants,, who make billions in a year combined,, and if you think that this 110 congress and the democrats are going to do anything to help the average american,,, then you are dead wrong...

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    Union workers don't tend to make minimum wage. So my first guess would be no.

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    What UNIONS? Give me a break, those who make minimum wage don't belong to unions.

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