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is getting hair thinned at a hair salon a good idea?

i want to go get my hair thinned at a hair salon but is it a good thing to do. like wat do they do to your hair. i have med. length hair and i straighten it everyday. would it be good for me to get it thinned. and will i still be able to put it in a ponytail?

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    I've had my hair thinned and it doesn't really make a difference at all. So there is no point.

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    when you get your hair thinned out it will look good at first. Until it starts to grow out. Then it starts to look all chunky and uneven. There will be a ton of flyaway hairs too. I used to get it done. Also if you decide to go through and do it make sure the person knows what they are doing because it can really look bad. I had someone do mine once and it looked like some one just grabbed chunks of my hair and cut it off with regular scissors, it was a nightmare. I just have stuck with layers and it has been ok. It seems to make my hair not so bulky, especially since I straighten my hair everyday as well. Good luck!!!

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    I have numerous hair and have consistently gotten it thinned considering I used to be a bit of girl. You don't detect rather than your hair feels lighter and you could kind it a little less complicated. Which you can still put it in a ponytail. Hair thinning is quite fashioned. I feel ever female that i do know has there hair thinned out. Don't worry its nothing severe.

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    If ur sure that the person thats doing ur hair is good at it. If u dont feel comfortable with them doing ur hair, then don't let them. Just make sure that the salon is really professional and does a great job. Examine how they do everyone elses hair, and if u dont like it, leave. That way you'll know what to do. Im pretty sure youll be able to still put it in a pony tail.

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    Well, if you have naturally curly hair (which it seems that you do, if you are straightening it every day!) then thinning it may help you out. Basically, the stylist is just removing excess volume.

    If you do not have quite a bit of volumous hair, this may not be a good plan for you because it could give you the dreaded "lifeless" looke!

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    It depends how thick your hair is. Are you desperate to thin it? coz if ur doing it just for fun, then I dont think its a good idea, coz your hair will get frizzy (unless your hairdresser is expert at thinning). You will still be able to tie it in a ponytail. I got my hair thinned last year coz my hair was very thick.I kinda regret it....and also dont straighten your hair everyday...its not good at all, it will make your hair dry and lifeless. You can do it occassionally. (you can straighten your fringe everyday)

    Get it restyled but dont get it thinned!

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    They take special thinning scissors and thin your hair... Its a good idea if you have thick hair... if you alredy have thiner hair then why would you want it thinner.... and yeah it will still be able to go into a poney tail they dont take that much off.... ask the hair salon person if you should get your hair thinned or not.... hope this helps....

    Source(s): I have thick hair and get my hair thinned!!
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    I wouldn't do it. I have naturally curly hair and my father was a barber. He used to thin my hair every 4-5 months. It's bad on your hair. One side of the sizzors is a blade and the other side is a like comb blade. It took forever to get my hair back to normal when I grew it out. Frizzies of different lengths and all. Don't do it. !!!

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    They will use a comb with a razor in it and strategically comb through your hair to thin it out. I honestly don't know if you'll still be able to do a ponytail though. Ask the hairdresser.

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    it made a big difference in my hair. i have thick curly hair. and when they thinned it, it looked much better. u'll be able to put it in a ponytail because they dont cut ur hair just thin it

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