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Which stocks pay a high divedend?

It may seem dumb, but i'm a beginner. Also, be sure to check out my other questions. some are related to stock.


Oh, I am looking for specific companies. Be sure to check out my other questions.

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    Here is a list of lower risk, high dividend stocks

    Genuine Parts - GPC - 2.80%

    Coca Cola Co.- KO - 2.55%

    Altria Group, Inc - MO - 3.89%

    Chevron Corp - CVX - 2.98%

    Apartment Inv - AIV - 4.03%

    Bank of America - BAC - 4.19%

    Citigroup Inc. - C - 3.60%

    JPMorgan Chase - JPM - 2.81%

    Abbott Labs - ABT - 2.32%

    Johnson & Johnson - JNJ - 2.26%

    Lilly (Eli) & Co. - LLY - 3.23%

    Merck & Co. - MRK - 3.39%

    Pfizer, Inc. - PFE - 4.36%

    General Electric - GE - 2.95%

    3M Company - MMM - 2.33%

    Du Pont (E.I.) - DD - 2.93%

    AT&T Inc. - T - 4.11%

    Verizon - VZ - 4.37%

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    Several of the finance sites have free stock screeners. Look for the high dividends there. Beware the really high divs, though. Some of those companies are in no position to maintain the div they are paying, and can change it at any time. High dividend yields may also indicate that the stock price has been beaten down by the market to reflect a negative business situation. Dividends are just one of the factors in your purchase decisions. Go get one of the investing for beginners books- it will help you a great deal.

    Source(s): Former broker/bond trader
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    Go to, click on specialty, then Dow Jones Select Dividend Fund. Look at the top holdings then click the tab for the list of those companies making up this ETF's index. These won't be stellar numbers, but they are steady numbers. High yielding dividend stocks are that way because of problems. General Motors used to be a stable-paying company and they are on hard times, the dividend was cut and the price cut even more. You risk losing a lot of principle as well as the ability of the company to consistently pay that dividend because their business, usually, is bad. Remember, though, if you are a US taxpayer, even if a bank might pay more than your dividend, the dividend is taxed differently.

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    Southern Copper (PCU) yields about 10% annually (paid quarterly)

    VVR yields 8.8% annually ( paid monthly)

    Some " Canadian Royal Trusts " pay in the 10-14% range, but they're in a state of confusion right unless you want to do some really heavy studying on your "beginning" investments...wait before you look into those.

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    I have invested in a few stocks that pay a monthly dividend. I think that most stocks pay a yearly dividend. Check out stock symbols PWE and CNE. Those are both oil stocks I have purchased.

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    Generally, utilities.

    Also, look at the top 10 holdings of mutual funds that are categorize as income funds.

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    You will have to check for various companies.

    Check the website below where you can find more details on how to see dividends and how to select good stocks.

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    Check out NCT and MMLP.

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