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What you do for Factory work?

Seeing if anyone on here works at a factory, I haven't seen this question posted yet, I have a very interesting job working at a factory, my job is very fast paced, I have worked for a printing company for 8 years, they have 12 printing presses, my job is to help clean all the parts coming off the presses such as ink pans, anilox rollers(weigh between 20-40 lbs each), ink buckets, etc............... each printing press has 10 stations, whenever a printing press changes over to a new job I can get up to 10 of everything to clean, anilox rollers, pans, etc............... You can just about imagine how busy it can get sometimes on the most busiest days back there plus also I am always covered in ink(lol)

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    I print labels. I run a flexographic web press. At where I work, the pressman clean their own presses and set up their own jobs. I pretty much buy all of my clothes for work at the salvation army, because they are guaranteed to get RUINED!

    The way I see it, if you leave work, and your clothes are as clean as when you came in, you didn't work hard enough. That's what I'm always told. I'm trained to run 8 color work, But for now they stuck me on a 2 color press.

    Source(s): Been printing since I was 18. It really is an artform!
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