Where can I find the lawyers that represented the plaintiff & Defendant in the Abington v. Schempp Case (1963)

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    I found this on http://www.findlaw.com/

    John D. Killian III, Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, and Philip H. Ward III argued the cause for appellants in No. 142. With them on the brief were David Stahl, Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Percival R. Rieder and C. Brewster Rhoads.

    Henry W. Sawyer III argued the cause for appellees in No. 142. With him on the brief was Wayland H. Elsbree.

    Leonard J. Kerpelman argued the cause and filed a brief for petitioners in No. 119.

    Francis B. Burch and George W. Baker, Jr. argued the cause for respondents in No. 119. With them on the brief were Nelson B. Seidman and Philip Z. Altfeld. [374 U.S. 203, 204]

    You could try to look up the attorneys on Martindale-Hubbell, http://www.martindale.com/ but I imagine that most of these guys have long since retired or passed on.

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    Ask the courts.

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