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Celtic music question...?

I really like the sound of it and want to listen to some good songs...Celtic rock, and those typical haunting melodies. Can you plz recommend some artists, songs and where I can get the music online...paid and free sites. Thanks.

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    I have a couple really good Celtic cds, if you'd like me to send you tracks off them, email me at

    Edit: Oh, adding to what the first poster said, absolutely get Lorena Mckennits version of The Highwayman. It's absolutely gorgeous.

  • Lorena McKennet and if you want to hear some Verrrrry smooth and melodious, if that's a word, Celtic harp, you must listen to Lisa Lynne. When I worked third shift and had to sleep during the day, this was the only thing I would play to help me slip into a verrrry melow mood.

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    aside from Enya (which everybody knows of) there's Dagda or Lorena McKennit (sp).

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