How soon after you have the baby can you start back to work?

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    Most generally, as long as it's a natural delivery with no complications, the doctor will let you return to work after your 6 week check-up. If you have a C-section, it will be about 10 weeks.

    Source(s): proud mommy of an 8 month old.
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    It depends on when your doctor says you can.Most of the time if you live in the United States you get 6 weeks of maternity leave.At your 6 week check up if everything looks good your doctor with clear you to go back to work.There are a lot of surrounding circumstances also.Like if something is wrong,you are not healing properly.Also if you want to go back before the 6 weeks and you think you are up to it you can try to get an eariler appointment and get the doctor to clear you.I believe that Canda gives a years paid maternity leave.Some companies in the United States offer you a longer maternity leave.

    Mother to a two year old and I am 34 weeks pregnant.

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    My daughter began teething at 3 months additionally. She did no longer cut back her first the teeth until eventually she grow to be in basic terms approximately 6 a million/2 months nevertheless. I even have heard little ones can commence teething as youthful as a month.

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    you can go back to work as soon as 3 weeks if you feel like it.

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    1 decade ago

    6 weeks

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm going back next Wednesday--six weeks after a c-section.

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    If you have a natrual birth w/o any complications you can go back in a couple weeks if you feel up to it.

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    well you are probably on maternity leave so i would say about 3 months.

  • 1 decade ago

    as soon as you need to.

  • i would probably wait one to two weeks

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