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Xbox 360 HD DVD Player?

Apparently, the HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 came out end of 2006, but no shops or websites seem to sell it at all, has it, but it says its sold out and has said this since before it even came out... So has it even been released yet? The official Xbox site said it has been released...

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    It has been released in the UK, but Microsoft are only supplying them in very limited numbers, for reasons best known to themselves. You can try keeping your eye on the stock tracker listed below to see when retailers get it in stock, or just shell out another twenty or thirty quid and get one via ebay as I did.

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    yeah man its plays bassicly everthing the hd just makes it a better picture thats all it is really i burned a cd and i can watch it on 360 all i do is put it In

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    I think the Xboxes out now are built with HD DVD in them.

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    Yes it's been released, at least in the US anyway. You can find them in stores. They're not terribly hard to find.

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    Try this. I dont knwo if its what your looking for or not. Pick me as Best Answer! =) Gl

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