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drug free story.. not a serious one but still worth reading?

Hi there.. i'm a sophmore in college now. Last year i was smoking a lot of weed (by a lot i mean like a few gs a day). I did shrooms twice, but the 2nd time they were very very strong evne though I only did a small amount. I had a "bad trip." Now if I get high I have ovassional flashbacks to this trip - it is a very depressing mood where I feel like I'm wasting my life.

I think in the end it was good that this happened because it made me realize I have to stop smoking weed. Well I did and I'm 2 months clean. Only thing is a few beers on weekends but I don't destroy myself.

I feel great about my decision but it is hard because everyone around me is smoking a lot (my roommates). I'm not peer pressured by them but it is kind of akward seeing as though "normal life" doesn't involve lots of weed being readily available in your household. Am I in denial if I say that I wasn't addicted to weed?

Anyone have similar stories , or tips to give me?

clean and happy. Thanks)


obviously i wouldn't... if i followed my roommates i would be smoking a lot and i dont at all anymore.

Sometimes I do enjoy a few small hits, maybe before a movie at the theater or something, I just don't want it to interfere with my lifestyle - for no"w I'm just stayin off it completely.

I guess what I want to ask is do a lot of adults who seem like "normal" people and have "normal" everyday lives, smoke ocassionaly on the side, and are able to have it not interfere with their life.

Also has anyone had that happen with a flashback to a trip when being high.

Update 2:

ok I partially agree with what the last guy said.. about people who don't do drugs being superficial. I agree that many "yuppies" are like this (especially girls, not to point the finger but at least where I live it is), however there are many honest people who work hard that are not superficial at all. My friends dad has two PhDs and is head of the physics department of new york city. I know other people who simply are determined, and have similar qualities.

Now I know many friends who do drugs (almost all just pot), and a good amount who don't. The ones who do are easier to get along with (usually) but I feel like this is because our friendship is based on drugs. The ones who don't are more arguative (no weed to settle them down heh), but more genuine in their actions I think.

The main reason I quit is because I don't want to be a couch potato. Theres a lot of things I used to do that I'm tryin to start again, like playing soccer and other activities, so we'll see how it goes)

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    I don't have any similar stories (at the moment, I am perfectly content with my drug-taking habits, except that I wish I had more ;) ).

    As for your being addicted to weed; do you mean physically addicted or psychologically dependent? Because I can tell you, without knowing anything about you, you were not physically addicted. As for psychologically, it doesn't sound like you had TOO much trouble quitting, once you realized you should, so I'd say no. Having people smoking around you is bound to make you want to do it, and I don't think that that desire is at all indicative of dependence.

    The only tips I have are either a) work really hard at making sure you do not give in to any desire to smoke, despite your roomates, or b) move out and find some roomates who are not, as they say, "420 friendly". Or live on your own, if you are financially able to.

    EDIT: I haven't met any adults who partake of the herb, but I have read countless stories from other people who do or know one who does. Teenagers smoking with their parents, or finding weed in their parents' room, or average pot-smoking stories from fully functional adults themselves. In the 70's, marijuana parties were very popular with middle-class adults. It's more common than you'd think.

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    I am also a sophomore in college whose friends smoke a lot, no roommates though. I quit when I was about 17 because it stopped being as much fun. I'd be high for about half an hour, then just tired for the rest of the day and not very happy. Also, I had been in trouble with the law on a few occasions. Be steadfast when you tell people that you don't want to smoke, it becomes a challenge for people to try and break your resolve.

    Even though so called "normal life" doesn't involve people smoking, who wants that anyways. Normal life is superficial and purposeless. Full of people addicted to alchohol and xanex trying to numb the pain of everyday existence. I'm alot more comfortable around drug users than non users, even if I'm not high.

    Several times I've been with people who were arrested for being high/smoking and was let go with not to much hassling.

    I don't really miss smoking that much except when I'm about to watch a funny movie or TV, but I try not to watch TV anyways.

    Ive had bad trips before, but they are all instructive or comicalupon retrospect. Any sort of flashback is usually a welcome addition to the day.

    Don't give up on psychedelics just because of one bad trip, you just need to be aware of and control your set and setting. Try reading up on some things before next time. There is alot of good psychedlic literature out there, Studying Buddhism, Quaballah, Sufism, or Gnostisicm will make you much more appreciative of mystical states.

    Other than that, just try not to worry about little crap.

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    if your roommates jumped off of your balcony, Wou jump?

    Source(s): use your are clean stay away from druggies
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